Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Because of Other Bloggers

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

It’s been awhile since I participated in Top Ten Tuesday so I figured it’s about time. Once every few weeks is a good amount of participation.

In honour of Book Blog Appreciation Week (BBAW) this week’s Top Ten is Books I Read Because Of Another Blogger.

There aren’t that many books I can think of reading because of other bloggers, but I do have a TBR list thanks to other book blogs. Basically those books exist, but I just haven’t gotten around to them yet. So many books to read.

  1. Room by Emma Donoghue – This is one that got a around a lot in the blogosphere and it’s also one of the books I’ve actually read recently thanks to my book club! Sometimes I’m wary of reading a book that has been popular or mentioned a lot on other blogs, but I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t completely in love with Room, but it’s still a pretty good read. Room is about a woman and her son who are kept imprisoned for several years and it’s all told from the perspective of the five year old son.
  2. Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick – A recent one I added to the TBR list, it’s a science fiction dystopia one (surprising? I think not) and the review I read of it made it sound so good!
  3. Eutopia by David Nickle – Another one I reviewed in the last few months, I came across it first on a book blog and added it to my list, then found it by coincidence on NetGalley so I requested a copy straight away! It’s turned out to be one of my favourite books this year and has gone on my ‘buy own copy‘ list. Eutopia is set in the early 1900s and addresses eugenics, which was popular back then, and a whole bunch of other issues creating an interesting dystopian story not like any other ones I have come across.
  4. XVI by Julia Karr – It’s safe to say I’m crazy about dystopia because here’s another one! I first came across a banner for it on The League of Extraordinary Writers, a blog dedicated to YA dystopian fiction and run by debut authors writing in that genre. The banner is still there in the left side panel. XVI itself, if you haven’t heard of it, follows the story of Nina Oberon who is going to be receiving her customary tattoo on her 16th birthday, but the customary tattoo is more like branding and lets others know she is available for sex. Pleasant isn’t it?
  5. The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter – More of a may want to read it, but not quite sure. I love the idea of it because the concept is based around mythological elements and tales, but at the same time I can only handle so much tortured love and I had my fill of that, including anything slightly resembling it, with Twilight… The idea of her making a deal with Hades to save someone is what saves it for me. I’m also a sucker for mythology (it’s why I got into the game God of War in the first place and I became obsessed with that!).
  6. Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder – I’m starting to wonder if I should just give up on any other genre and stick solely to dystopia because here’s another one! This is on my list because I actually won it from Crissi B. I believe in the philosophy of entering giveaways when you come across them, regardless of what books they are for (one reason why I have won over 50 books this year already) and Inside Out is no exception, it just happens to be a story I’m interested in as well.
  7. Delirium by Lauren Oliver – Following the story of Lena Holoway in a society that has cured love. I’m writing dystopia myself so trying to read as many different dystopian concepts is both for pleasure and research. This is another I discovered was mentioned a lot and unlike a fair few of the other ones I have my own copy, just haven’t gotten to it yet.
  8. sWitch by Scott Norton –  sWitch turned out to be a novel I found when I was looking for something nice and dark to read. I came across this post going on about a new book coming out and I knew hardly anything about it, but I watched the book trailer and was anticipating it along with the person who’s blog I discovered it on. I didn’t want to wait a couple of months so I purchased Scott’s first novella, HorrorCon, while I was waiting. With sWitch added to my TBR list and my review of HorrorCon posted, guess what happened? I was contacted by the author and he asked me if I wanted to read sWitch for him. Talk about lucky! They both turned out to be great reads and I found myself another author to follow all thanks to a random search and another book blogger’s excitement.
  9. Contagious by Scott Sigler – Contagious is one of the best books I’ve found via a blog and all because I love gas masks! I was browsing around on the blogosphere when I spotted the cover with the gas mask (there’s also a version without, I prefer the gas mask). This is a great example of being drawn in by the cover and in this case it has worked beautifully because I decided to buy that book because of the cover. I then realised it was the sequel so I bought the first one, being pedantic about reading in order, I read Infected and loved it! So far I love this trilogy, I’m anxiously awaiting the third and final instalment, and it’s all because of a love for gas masks!

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Because of Other Bloggers

    • I loved it for the perspective, the language of it, and Jack who is such a great character, but it was also reminiscent of other stories told by a young perspective.
      My book club enjoyed it all around too, which is always good.


    • It is a great community isn’t it? There’s so many different tastes and awesome people in it, not to mention it’s a fun way to procrastinate!
      I hope you enjoy Room when you get to it.


    • It’s a pretty popular one, you only have to read through the other comments to see that! I hope you enjoy it when you get there.
      It wasn’t what I was expecting, but of course that’s not a bad thing.


  1. I read Inside Out after seeing so many great reviews about it. Delirium was another one that I got after reading Oliver’s first book Before I Fall which was recommended so highly by the blogosphere. Great list!


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