Halloween Hootenanny with Midnyte Reader

Growing up in Australia, Halloween wasn’t a big deal, and even more so for me because going door to door for lollies isn’t exactly a good thing for a diabetic. Still, I love the idea of a holiday such as Halloween, not referring to the Pagan holiday that it originates from (love that too), but the whole horror aspect of it. Not that I really need one (I already have fake skeletons and skulls around the house all year round), but I like to have an excuse to post about, read, celebrate, watch, and play something connected to horror or a manner of dark fiction, especially if it is the spooky Gothic kind.

This year Midnyte Reader is having an event of her own and BA is joining in with a Halloween giveaway! If you’ve got your own blog and wish to participate, including if you have something already planned, you can do so. You can also participate with a guest post on MR itself. Here’s more of the details from Midnyte Reader;

“My favorite holiday is almost upon us, and Midnyte Reader is going to celebrate during the month of October!

  • Creepy reviews. 
  • Ghoulish giveaways.
  • Scary posts. 
  • Frightening interviews.
  • Spooky goodness.”

If you want to participate or would like to contact Midnyte Reader about guest posting make sure you visit for more details!

Halloween Giveaway with BA

As part of our new monthly giveaway feature, we’ll be having a Halloween/dark fiction themed giveaway for October. It will run from the 1st-15th of October, with the prize being one of three new release dark fiction titles!


Our October giveaway is now on! Click the banner for more details and the entry form.

Fear the Dark is 17+ only, sorry folks who are under that age, but keep an eye out for our November one when our giveaway will be YA friendly again.


2 thoughts on “Halloween Hootenanny with Midnyte Reader

  1. I love every single aspect of Halloween too. The Pagan roots, the horror, the fun. I also have Halloween stuff up all year long in my home and in my office. Here’s to Halloween whether you’re Down Under or in the US!


    • I love it when someone else has Halloween stuff around their house all year round too! I’m looking forward to seeing what other people are going to be doing for the month, it’s a great idea 🙂


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