Fun Fridays: Bookfessions

Bookfessions is a collection of book related confessions by book loving people. Sometimes it’s thought provoking, sometimes it can be a little dorky, most of the time I find it very amusing, but what I love about Bookfessions the most is being able to read confessions by people you know have a shared passion for something and it’s even better when you share it. I’ve followed along with other confession platforms like PostSecret for instance, but Bookfessions is more about sharing your love with reading and it has never depressed me when I’ve browsed the website.

I’m sharing some of these confessions, all of which link up to the original source, and I highly recommend checking out the website itself.




6 thoughts on “Fun Fridays: Bookfessions

  1. I once go an award for “Reading” at high school. I was famous for doing the school run while reading a book. Yes. I was running round the school doing laps without breaking my stride, or my page per minute count.


      • I believe that it was one of the Timothy Zahn Star Wars books. I’ve since given up on the expanded universe, and indeed the canon parts too since the travesty firstly of the remastered movies, and then the “first” trilogy.

        I could be mistaken, though. I read a huge amount of books in high school.


        • It must have been good what ever it was for you to want read it while doing laps. I’m amazed you didn’t fall over. I’ve read while walking, but it has to be at a crawl or else I’ll hurt myself.


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