An Interview With Author Wyatt Davenport

Wyatt Davenport is the author of the novel Lunara: Seth and Chloe, which is the beginning of a new science fiction series, with a complimenting short story, Parker McCloud at North Tharsis, that you can read for free.

Recently I was fortunate to be able to read and review a copy of Lunara: Seth and Chloe and Wyatt kindly took the time to answer some of my questions! For those who would also like to win a free eBook copy of Lunara, don’t forget to enter our giveaway.


Interview with Wyatt Davenport

1. When it comes to the locations mentioned in Seth and Chloe, have you based them on real locations and if so which ones?

All locations in Lunara are real but should be taken with a grain of salt. I have taken real Martian names that were discovered by astronomers and purposed them for myself. Such as Zephyria Tholus, I turned into Zephyria Colony OR Tharsis Montes into North Tharsis. I also moved some of the locations a few kilometers from their sites on “real Mars” to adapt them to my terrain needs. I figured that the early pioneers on Mars wouldn’t neccessarily know the exact locations either and use their best guess when they colonized.  All major sites on Mars, such as Olymipus Mons and Valles Marineris, are accurate.  Go to for a great resource.

2. Although your story is fiction, do you think it is vital to stick to an element of truth, however loosely, when it comes to writing science fiction?

I think the writer needs to make the story and physics plausible when writing science fiction or any genre. For me, the key to good writing is to keep the reader in a focused state when reading. If your story has distracting physics or implausible realities/events (falsehoods), the reader will either become distracted and reading becomes a chore OR they will stop reading all together. Science Fiction by nature are stories of the fantastic, but keeping the writing tight, consistent, and true is very important to keeping the story flowing correctly.

3. How much control did you have over the cover art for Seth and Chloe?

I controlled everything about the cover except the drawing and the actual art work. I have no talent for graphics, but I had a vision of the cover in my head. I hired a graphic artist to create a cover which had a Lunara colony in the foreground and the faces of Seth and Chloe. I also wanted Mars to loom over everyone and a continuous scene from front to back. He drew that and with a few minor tweeks, the cover was created in a week.

4. It’s definitely a captivating cover, what’s your opinion when it comes to characters being visualised on book covers and how it will affect the reader?

The cover plays a split second role in the life of the book for a writer. It draws a reader into the story for the first time or pushes them away. I debated about keeping Seth and Chloe off the cover because a part of my belief is to have the reader imagine their own heroes in the story. But I also believe that human interaction (even in a static 2D picture) builds a relationship that can carry the reader through the book. I believe the cover for Seth and Chloe does just that.

5. You describe Seth and Chloe as light science fiction for others besides sci-fi geeks to enjoy, do you believe it important to write a story such as this for a wider audience?

My number one goal is to pull a reader into a world that isn’t their own. A place where they can discover a new reality. I think scifi is misunderstood for the most part, there are some hardcore scifi books that are technical and difficult to relate to. Not all scifi books are like this, most aren’t. I believe that any regular reader should find a place for scifi in their rotation of books. The power of scifi is that it guarantees that you escape to a new world, and my Lunara series is written so that anyone can pick up any ‘scifi/geek talk’ easily and focus primarily on the characters and the ever developing adventure in a place they could never visit themselves. Focusing on a larger audience is always a goal, because the more people who enjoy my stories, the more people who are entertained. Escaping to a new world is my greatest joy, and passing that along to someone else is the best gift I can give.

6. In what other areas of entertainment do you enjoy science fiction?

In addition to many others, I like all of the Star wars and Star trek movies and TV shows. If a new SciFi TV show or movie comes out, I will always give it a shot.

7. Would you say that you’re specialising in science fiction as your genre or do you see yourself branching out at some point?

I have only been inspired by SciFi stories…so far. I have found little interest in writing Earth-bound books, but I would never say I would not do it. Inspiration could hit at any time. I had a good idea about the Fall of the USSR and creating a “Bourne” type book set around that time, but I have too many SciFi ideas I would rather do.

8. Being digitally published, what would you say to a reader who is against the popularity of eBooks?

eBooks are just a media type, like a print book. If you like print, read print…if you like eBook, read eBook. I offer both medias because it is really just a preference. I don’t believe one is better than the other. I like both in different situations. The main advantage to an eBook is the price for indie writers/readers. For 99 to 299 cents, you can get some great books.

9. You’re quoted as saying Seth and Chloe is “Star Wars for our solar system“, how do you think it works as a “Star Wars” like text in our world?

Star Wars is near and dear to many people’s heart, just like mine. I have read almost all of the Star Wars Universe books and seen all of the movies. Much of my Scif-Fi influence is a result of Star Wars. I had always thought a “Star Wars in our solar system” would be a fantastic idea and I tried to execute Lunara with that influence in mind. A space battle in our solar system seems like a really cool idea to me and I wanted to execute that in the Lunara Universe. I had always seen a direct line drawn by many Sci-Fi writers where the fantastic was left to outer solar system Sci-Fi and technologic limits of humanity was used in our solar system Sci-Fi, such as gravity free ships or communitcation limits. I want Lunara to bring the readers’ fond memories of Star Wars (the large battle cruisers, the fast flying attack fighters, etc) into our neck of the woods. To imagine humanity developing such wonders is what I daydream about and I hope that works with the minds of the readers of Lunara. Lunara has a strong mix of Star Wars in it, but I also believe that it pulls in humanities best and worst qualities that were developed on Earth now and in the past. 

10. Are you able to tell us what you have planned for Lunara, whether it’s how many books or tie ins, and any other projects you’re considering for the future?

I have already written four additional books in the Lunara Series, but they are still in the editing phase.  Lunara: Gwen and Eamonn will be released with a planned date of November 2011. Lunara: Parker and the Protector and Lunara: Legacy and their Heroes Part I and Part II will be released perhaps in 2012 and 2013.  I am halfway through writing a sixth book, but I haven’t titled it yet. This usually comes at the end for me.  I also plan on having three smaller books (150 to 200 pages) in a sub-series with the working/concept title of Lunara: The Eamonn Dalton Adventures which will chronicle the three stages of the revolutionary war that is detailed in some of the history in the series.

If the Lunara Series takes off and I can get a reasonable living out of it, I have a 3-4 year project I have wanted to do for approximately 7 years. I have been writing it in my head between Lunara books. I won’t say what it is about, but I have never seen the concept written or produced on TV and I think it would be fantastic.

Thank you to Wyatt for answering all my questions with such great answers! If you’d like to have your own copy of Lunara: Seth and Chloe, in either paperback or eBook, you can purchase a copy at one of the following;

Don’t forget that you can also follow the Lunara Series and Wyatt Davenport on GoodReads, Twitter, the Lunara website, and Wyatt’s blog on Blogspot.

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