Giveaway Ended and BA on GoodReads

Today marks the end of our very first BA mini event: Journey with Aliya.

Author Aliya Anjum has been great taking the time out to spend with us here at BA, allowing us to interrogate her, sharing her views on Historical Travel and the Pakistani Diaspora, providing free copies of her travelogue and her newest short story, both of which she has kindly given to one lucky person as part of our giveaway!

That winner has been contacted and I really hope they enjoy reading their new eBooks. Thank you to everyone who participated and to Aliya Anjum for participating with BA in our mini event!

In Other News…

The whole time BA has been running, my personal GoodReads account has been connected to it somehow. I’ve been uploading partial reviews to it from here and rating all the books I’ve read, but now that BA is a team effort I’m changing it over.

Bookish Ardour now has its very own account on GoodReads! I won’t be posting reviews on there, because those reviews belong to team members, but I will be rating all the books we’ve read on BA. Think of it more as another way to find what we think of the books we read and what we’ve reviewed (we will be having a reviewed shelf that will be the feature).

Coming Up…

We’ll be having more reviews and giveaways to follow in the coming weeks, but while you’re waiting don’t forget to check out the two blog tours we’re currently involved in. There’s the Black & Orange tour with Pump Up Your Novel and author Benjamin Kane Ethridge. Our review of Black & Orange will be going up tomorrow and there’s plenty of other blogs involved in the tour too.

We’re also part of Jared Sandman’s Blogbuster 2011 tour that is almost over, but there’s still enough time to check it out! Participants are in the running to win an Amazon gift voucher and there’s also quite a few blogs involved with guest posts, excerpts, and reviews of Jared’s work. You can find our review of his novel Leviathan here and also an excerpt from the story.

From now on you’ll be able to check out what events are on in Giveaways and Events, which will include summaries of what is going on and links to everything you need to find.


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