Review + Giveaway: Two Weeks of Solo Travel in Greece by Aliya Anjum

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Two Weeks of Solo Travel In Greece: A Pakistani Girls Diary by Aliya Anjum

Look at Greece through the eyes of a solo Muslim female traveler from Pakistan.

See the pictures in the linked slideshow to follow the narration pictorially. Become a virtual fellow traveler in this tale.

A travelogue that would take you through 4,000 years of Greek history connecting it with Hollywood and the Olympics in a storytelling narration that would be truly educational yet very gripping


I’m not one to read a great deal of non-fiction, I prefer to become lost in another person’s stories as a break from my own, but every now and then I enjoy a break from fiction all together. It helps when the non-fiction is written in such a way where it could still be considered as a person’s tale, a biography or a journal, in the manner that Two Weeks of Solo Travel in Greece: A Pakistani Girl’s Diary is written.

It becomes clear very early on that Aliya has the traveller’s bug, sharing her travel journal with us as the format of her story. Whilst this is a great way to learn more about travelling itself (if you’ve never travelled in this manner before) or to connect with a traveller (in the case of having the travel bug yourself), you’ll find there are more issues touched upon and discussed in Aliya’s journeys through Greece.

I believe the array of issues touched upon is where the intriguing perspective from a Pakistani and Muslim background comes in to play. Two Weeks is far from a religious account, nor is it about Pakistan, but this does not mean those two elements do not show up from time to time.

I don’t know about others with dissimilar beliefs compared to mine (that of an Atheist), but to be able to read the observations of differences between cultures, especially comparing Western to Eastern societies, influenced by a Muslim outlook is one I find intriguing.

I say this not in the sense of singling a religion out nor from inexperience with another belief system, but because I enjoy being able to expand my horizons by understanding perspectives coming from someone influenced by a contrasting environment to my own. Aliya has the experience of one who has been able to experience and observe different cultures, journey to more than one country, and I find it a pleasure to be able to read her observations about globalisation, society, manners, and education, which all permeate her journey.

When it comes to the writing side of Two Weeks, I felt it could have been edited more and this is something that is noticeable throughout, but at the same time it is a joy to read because of Aliya’s insights, her perceptions, and the way she describes a moment. Especially when it comes to those moments where you can tell it definitely has had an affect on her, such as certain acts of kindness by complete strangers, or finding a beautiful place that creates a visceral reaction in someone.

I now wish to go to Greece, see and experience the places that Aliya has mentioned, and for someone who can’t travel Two Weeks is a great read to learn about the culture of Greece and its sights. In Two Weeks of Solo Travel in Greece you can experience a little bit of Greece, interspersed with lessons in history, permeated by a cultural and religious perspective, with intelligent and insightful observations about community, interactions, and society.

  • Genre: Non Fiction-Travel-History
  • Demographic: Travellers or those who wish to.
  • Rating Out of Five: 3
  • Format: eBook provided with thanks by author Aliya Anjum.
  • Find At: Smashwords / Amazon US / Amazon UK.
  • Published: 2011

Giveaway Time!

Thanks to Aliya, a lucky reader has the chance to win an eBook copy of Two Weeks of Solo Travel In Greece: A Pakistani Girl’s Diary & her newer story An Arranged Marriage, a short story based on real events.

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