Top Ten Tuesday: More and Less Trends

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

This week’s Top Ten is Top Ten Trends You’d Like To See More of/Less of. I can think of plenty of what there should be less of, but I thought I’d do a combination for this one.

What trends would you like to see less or more of?

Lets See Less of;

  1. Love Triangles: YA fiction seems to be the worst one when it comes to love triangles and I understand that love can be confusing when you’re that age (even when you’re older), but are love triangles really the best way to go about showing that confusion and identifying with anyone? I’ve read so many books with love triangles that I now consider them a cop-out, an easy way of creating drama and confusion.
  2. Damsels in Distress: How often do you come across a story these days with a female protagonist who has a problem and either whinges about it or leans on a male character for help? This happens too many times! And not only are those sorts of characters frustrating, but they paint a horrible picture of what women are like. If I acted like half the female characters I had come across I would request to be locked up because women like that are a menace to society!
  3. Modernised Vampires: I love the whole vampire myth and I have since I was young, but these modern vampires who fall in love with humans, try to live in society, are more or less special human beings and aren’t true vampires. They aren’t even scary in a good way!
  4. Supernatural Trends: I know that when society comes across something it loves, people want more of it and there’s also the money maker factor, but maybe doing trends to death is something we should steer clear of. Especially when it comes to supernatural creatures. I’m now sick of reading about vampires, I’m getting over zombies and zombie apocalypses, and I’m wary about moving onto anything else…
  5. Trend Avoidance: When it comes down to it, people should read (watch, play, listen to, wear, etc) what they want regardless of what is popular. This is where trend avoidance comes in, you know when a percentage of the population are avoiding something not because they won’t like it, but because a larger percentage of the population do! Madness! I admit I’ve succumbed to this as well, but I now see it for what it is; trend avoidance is its own trend. If you don’t want to read something that others are raving about because you don’t think you’ll enjoy it well that’s fine, but if it’s because everyone is raving about it and you might enjoy it, it does not make you cool.

Lets See More of;

  1. Strong Heroines: It would be nice to be able to read a story without a female protagonist who has hardly any backbone, needs a male to help her, falls in love or has sex and ends up having that as their whole world. And if they have to fall in love the least they could do is refrain from embarrassing themselves…. Yes, Twilight does come to mind…
  2. LGBT Mainstreaming: More gay characters in popular genres! Why should these characters be avoided because of their sexualities? It’s ridiculous! I myself would love to come across popular books that have LGBT characters. Not all characters in a book have to be straight, it won’t mess up the story.
  3. Time Travel: This is only because I love time travel… I think it’s hard to come across a well written, thought out, plausible time travel novel so if time travel was a trend there’d be more chances. Or maybe there’d be less chances and if that’s the case then you could appreciate the great ones more.
  4. Maps: I would love more maps in Speculative Fiction and maybe this is one where maps might be something that would be popular, but it isn’t. So many of the books I read with world building don’t have maps! I would even love maps in novels that are historical fiction or situated in somewhere I don’t live (which is all books I read). Sure, I might have an Atlas, but I should I have to look it up in an Atlas if it’s some place I’ve never heard of? Yes, I’d do that anyway… I just love maps!

I can’t think of anymore. I went away and had a think about it, but came up with nothing. Oh well, doesn’t matter! Don’t forget to share your lists, if you have one.

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: More and Less Trends

  1. I love time travel! It makes me really concentrate on the story if done well. However, if done poorly, it completely ruins the book. It has to be believeable, which is weird considering I’m saying that about time travel…


    • I know what you mean though, I’m like that too! It doesn’t matter if the story includes something far-fetched, but it still has to be believable in fiction.


    • It would be nice to see more of it wouldn’t it? I’m reading a book at the moment which is on the well known side and has LGBT characters. It’s great reading it because everyone’s sexual orientation isn’t pointed out and it’s not specialised in that area.


    • I haven’t bought any vampire books in a very long time! I know what you mean though, it seems to be a trend that is being exhausted and yet has a certain allure still. I guess some trends have a longer time to die out than others.

      And your link appears to not be working.


  2. Hi Bonnie,

    I agree with a great many of the points you have listed, especially the one about vampires. It has gotten to the point where if I see vampires mentioned in the synopsis, I will not get the book. There are very few people who have managed to get vampires “right”, and I really wish people would stop trying to emo them up. They should be fierce, calculating, cold and heartless. They cannot know love or compassion.

    Similarly, I had hoped that in our society we had moved beyond the need for making every woman a helpless object. Women certainly don’t need to be Terminator-esque military killing machines (and neither do men for that matter). They can be strong and resourceful in other ways (and frequently are in real life).

    On that point, not every man needs to be a whiny cry baby who will burst in to tears at every available opportunity. This seems to be another disturbing trend that is cropping up in literature and media lately.



    • Hey Adam,

      Yes, they’re akin to psychopaths and I have no idea what this love of humanising them is all about. Since when is a psychopath not creepy and can be loving?! Ridiculous. Hopefully people will get so sick of this love-lorn vampire trend that they’ll turn to the proper nightmare style vampire and then there will be a big boon in that type of fiction. That would be pretty sweet.

      Exactly! So many female characters seem to be stuck back in very gender divided days. I’ve noticed that with male characters too and it’s pretty sad to see all this stereotyping going on. I wish people could break away from clichés and stop stereotyping genders and sexualities, or at least start doing that in fiction if they can’t get it together in reality. It makes me worry about how much people are influenced by being submitted to those sorts of unrealistic ideals.


    • Definitely pointless! At one point I read a few books where there were love triangles and they completely detracted from the original plot, it was a case of sub plots taking over and leaving the main plot behind. It’s a shame because the concept was interesting and I don’t understand someone’s obsession with a love triangle so much that they will let it railroad the main idea they had. It’s upsetting thinking about how many stories could have worked without the love triangle aspect.


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