News: Welcome Adam, Updates, Pages

Here and there I’ve been mentioning fixing up pages, adding new bits and pieces, giving the place a clean up, and eventually turning this website into a team effort.

Well I’m finally getting there!

1. Welcome Adam!

Adam will be reviewing and contributing with us from today onwards! He’s previously reviewed with companies like Infinitas Bookshop and Sydney Morning Herald so I think BA is pretty lucky to have a reviewer such as that. We’ll be seeing Adam’s posts on Mondays, starting with this afternoon and a review of Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. Keep an eye out for it!

2. Updated Pages

I’m not completely finished, but for the most part I am. I’ve been slowly converting the pages from individual (my pages) to group pages and I’ve also added and updated in other ways as well.

These are the pages that are updated;

  • Reading: So we’ve got the Reading page, which is BA’s reading journal record for the year with ratings. Usually it was my journal, but now it will show what everyone contributing to BA has read for the year.
  • Bonnie’s Journal: So far I have my own reading journal – Bonnie’s Journal – but this is also an example of what contributors may have as well. This is one of the things I’m still working on.
  • Authors: This is to showcase the authors that we have read for via review requests with a summary about them, extra information, and external links.
  • Publishers: The same as for authors basically, showcasing the publishers that we’ve reviewed for.
  • Review Requests: It’s only me reviewing at the moment, but I’ve changed this from the contact page to a review request page for authors and publishers. Eventually, if contributors wish to review for authors, I will be updating it to include requesting different reviewers.
  • Sutherland Book Club – I run it and also have links with other websites for anyone looking for it so I’ve left it where it is. It has been cleaned up and combined with the book club’s We’re Reading page. I’d like to start a separate book club in the future that is a BA one, but so far that’s in the dream phase.
  • Resources: This starts out with reading challenges, including linking up to BA’s Reading Challenges, but so far it’s my challenges. This is another page that will be updated to incorporate BA members who participate in challenges also.
  • Ebooks: Is now Ebooks: An Australian Friendly Guide. I started it as a way for others to find websites and places to buy that were Australian friendly, but not specifically for Australia. I’ve cleaned it up, added to it with new websites, and listed what is compatible with what devices (if anyone would like to add anything to that I would be very grateful – there’s a short form on the page to fill out).
  • Websites: Has been cleaned up and added to with more to come.
  • Blog Roll: A new page used for what blogs the BA team follow instead of having them listed on the websites page or in the sidebar.
  • About: This now incorporates all members of the BA team with a short introduction by that person, a list of their favourite authors, and their preferred genres.
  • Contact BA: Changed to a short and sweet way of contacting BA other than requests and applications.
  • Whereabouts: This is now where you can find a list of external sites where BA is at and contributor’s websites, including social networks.

3. BA Application

In case you missed it, I posted this application form not that long ago for anyone who would like to join the team and become a long time contributor to this website. You can also fill it out if you’d like to guest post at some point, instructions are there if you wish to do so.

As I mentioned in the updated pages section, I would like to create an online book club via BA, but this is something I don’t have the time for (both for reading and posting). If anyone would like to do something like that or has an interest in it, please contact me directly via bookishardour [at] gmail [dot] com.

That’s it! At least I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all that needs to be, but if anyone would like to know more or wants something clarified please feel free to ask!

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