Fun Fridays: Better Book Titles

If you love a bit of bookish humour or don’t really want to read a book without having an idea of what it is, but also don’t want to read reviews, you might want to check out Better Book Titles!

The basic idea is to cut out all the words and cryptic passages in a review or synopsis to give everyone an idea of what that story is about. Maybe that doesn’t sound that funny, but when you’ve read the book, there’s a chance you’ll at least chuckle.

If you’re worried about spoilers, so far I haven’t discovered any while going through the titles. This was something I was worried about, but it turns out when I come across a book I haven’t read, I end up wanting to read it!

I’ve included several of my favourites as an example. Make sure you visit the website for more better book titles!


2 thoughts on “Fun Fridays: Better Book Titles

    • It’s pretty good isn’t it? I actually have a copy of that book and use it as a reference, but still get a kick out of the better title. I think Where The Wild Things one is great too because it’s so true.


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