Bookish Ardour Application

Bookish Ardour is accepting guest posts and steady contributors.

If you’re a book-loving person who would like to contribute to Bookish Ardour either with reviews and posts for an extended time, or with a guest post we’d love to hear from you.

You’re welcome to share a review, post about an event, share bookish art and photos, take part in a meme (we currently take part in a few memes on occasion and also have our own), run an event, or post an article about something bookish related.

We are a, mainly, Speculative Fiction (subjects such as Science Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, and Bizarro, including all their sub-genres and Young Adult/Middle Grade Fiction that fits into those genres) based blog, but will accept reviews for several Non-Fiction subjects, Contemporary Literature, Classic Literature, and LGBT Fiction.

The only requirements we ask for is a love for books and a WordPress account if you’re looking to post regularly with us. If you post with us we’ll then include your name, link to a website if you have one, and a link to your post on our BA Team/Contributors page.

Note: Being a contributor on BA is a voluntary one. There is no payment and all commissions we have via affiliates goes towards running the website.

Please keep in mind we won’t be accepting Romance Fiction (Paranormal Romance in some cases will be accepted), Religious Fiction, Erotica Fiction, or any Non-Fiction related to those topics, as there are quite a lot of book blogs already dedicated to them.


If you’d like to join in or simply wish to enquire further with some questions please fill out the below form. The only mandatory fields are your name, a valid email address, and your subject or any questions you may have, but answering as many questions as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Post Application

Please fill out as many questions that apply and your enquiry will be answered by Bonnie when possible.

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