Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Would DIE To Meet

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

This week’s Top Ten is Top Ten Authors I Would DIE to meet (living or dead). Now, how could reaching ten on this list be hard for any avid reader?

  1. H.G. Wells – I didn’t even have to think about that one! I think the main reason I would love to meet Wells is because he was a man with a magnificent imagination that he could share in a time that gave his imagination a sense of being beyond current trends and what society could envision as the future.
  2. Patrick Rothfuss – I love his writing style and would love to meet him to discuss that alone, but he seems to have a great personality too if you read enough of his blog. What with his interesting gingerbread men, his propensity to start singing, and his honesty when it comes to writing blurbs, you know that any time spent with him is going to be entertaining regardless of his writing talent. As a bonus, the man also is a fan of Firefly and has played Fallout… How good is that?
  3. Anne Rice – I admit that I haven’t read any of her books in years, but I doubt I will ever stop being a fan. If you’re a writer and think about who your role models are well Anne Rice is definitely one of mine for several reasons. Apart from her writing style, she has written in several genres (Horror, Vampire Fiction, Historical Fiction, Kink Fiction, Romance), is open minded, and gives the impression of writing what she wishes to write, not what others expect of her. Although I don’t think the meeting would go very well, but that’s because of me. I purchased several books from her personal library (when she was getting rid of it) and almost threw up when I received them in the mail. And now I’ve just gone and embarrassed myself…
  4. George Orwell – Another man who had ideas that were ahead of his time in print, I think George Orwell would be fantastic to talk to from a writer’s perspective. Granted I haven’t read as much as his work as I have with Wells, but what I’ve read so far has left quite the impression.
  5. Peter V. Brett – I’m a fan. I first came across his work when several ARCs of The Painted Man were given away via Booktagger. I won one of those ARCs (I still have it too) and reviewed it. I then reviewed it in several other places because I had a social network addiction with books, which ended up getting the author’s attention (and surprisingly one of his cousins). This lead to one of my very first interactions with an author I admire, but I lost touch with a lot of people when I changed all my internet monikers, and that includes not keeping up correspondence with Peter V. Brett. Doesn’t matter, but in the meantime I’ve become quite a fan and I also love following the progress of newer authors (as is the case with Patrick Rothfuss) and I would love to meet him personally as a fan and a writer.
  6. Aldous Huxley – And not just because I have a dragon by the name of Aldous (It was a present and it is awesome)! I think wanting to meet Huxley is purely fan based. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to talk to him about writing as well, but sometimes there are authors where I’m more of their fan reading wise than writing.
  7. Scott Sigler – I’ve read only two of his books, Infected and Contagious, so yes I would love to meet him as a fan, but I’d also like to pick his brain about writing. More so because he has adapted to a different way of getting his work out there. Given how the market and how society is changing it’s consumption of stories, I think it’s always a good idea to pay attention to those who adapt and succeed with it. It’s not necessarily about copying them, but learning from them and hopefully finding a mode of adapting that suits you in the process.
  8. Tobsha Learner – Apart from being a fan of course, one of the same reasons that I would love to meet Anne Rice is also the same reason I’d love to meet Tobsha Learner, the fact that she doesn’t always stick to one genre. She’s got short erotic (and weird) stories, historical fiction, and more. Plus she is not only a novelist, but also a playwright and screen writer. I love writers who take up more than one genre and who don’t stick to one platform for expression. Of course there is nothing wrong with genre or format specialisation, I feel that I shouldn’t be staying within the bounds of one genre myself so have a natural interest in artists like this.
  9. J.K. Rowling – Is it cliché to want to meet not only the creator of a world I’m a fan of, but also one of the most successful female authors of our time? Even if it is, it doesn’t matter, because if had an opportunity to meet an author like that and passed it up I’d be a bloody idiot.
  10. The Authors I’ve Reviewed For – Maybe this is corny, but I don’t care, because I would love to meet all the authors I’ve been able to review for since creating Bookish Ardour. A lot of it would be to pick their brain about writing and their experiences, but it would also be nice to be able to speak properly to these people, especially the ones I’ve spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with.

I have a wicked case of the flu, I came online because I was getting really bored, but now I’m going back to bed… Don’t forget to share your lists!

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