News: Co-Posters, Facebook Events, & A Spruce Up!

This past week feels like it’s been a little hectic. Ok, maybe a bit longer than that, but still more hectic than usual. So I have updates! I have BA news of sorts! I’m running out of energy so I’m going to get right to it!

1. Welcome Sarah!

That’s right, my friend Sarah is going to start posting! Every second Sunday to begin with, Sarah will be joining us to post about something a little different, books and teaching. Makes sense seeing as she is an English teacher.

She’ll be having a trial to see how she likes it and her first post will be this coming Sunday! Keep an eye out for it.

2. Facebook Events.

I’m getting back into using BA’s Fan Page once again because so much has been going on with BA and with new posters, I thought it might be best for everyone to share and announce their posts in the one place besides the blog itself. Coming up there will be blog tours, reviews, giveaways, and interviews that BA is involved in (one of those giveaways is on right now) and all those events, apart from reviews (unless they’re part of something else), will be posted on the Facebook page! In events! For the fun of it.

So if you’re not a fan, but wish to be kept up to date, go ahead and like the page. If not, you can still get updates via Twitter, subscribing (on the side there), and RSS.

3. Spruce Up!

I’m not going to be changing the layout or theme, not quite yet, but I have been quietly cleaning up some areas on the blog. So far the side bar has been cleaned up a touch and a few new features have been added with What’s On and different connection buttons.

With more giveaways, interviews, and other activities, and with introducing co-posters, I plan on expanding a few pages. Mainly so everyone can get to know the new posters, but also because there is more content. It won’t be big in your face changes, but they’ll be there!

That’s all! Now I shall go catch up on sleep inbetween reading and other things I’m sure I have to do… Sleep sounds nice…

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