Fun Fridays: You Know You’re A Bookworm When…

Months and months ago I started putting together a list of ways to tell you’re a bookworm and then I thought to myself, why not see what is out there first? I kept coming across lists that had only some points in their list I could identify with. I thought that wasn’t a very good way to tell you’re a bookworm if you can only identify with either a handful or a couple of the points listed (depending on the size of the list). And then there were the lists that had a lot of pretentious points. No offense to anyone who identifies with those, but those lists feel like they’re made more for a certain type of bookworm, rather than across the board and a book lover in general.

Things like having an English or Literature major, a love of Shakespeare (I don’t love Shakespeare and I know others who don’t as well, who read! Imagine that), and all sorts of points that sounds like if you’re a bookworm you must be a literature snob.

I don’t like those lists.

So, instead of putting together a list that says this is how a bookworm acts, I’m going with this option from The Well Read Coyote and done by Joe, with extras added from what I have done in the past. If you take part share the link so I can check it out and we can see how many different ways bookworms can be defined.

You Know You’re A Bookworm When…

  1. …You don’t realise someone is talking to you because you’re so engrossed in your story (and only realise when they’ve given up and walked away)
  2. …You’ve become creative when it comes to keeping your book open because you insist on reading while doing other tasks, like eating breakfast.
  3. …Your bookmarks multiply like rabbits.
  4. …The staff at your local bookstore or library either recognise you by sight, and/or know your name, or know your voice when you call the store/library.
  5. …You get excited or happy when you run into another bookworm because you can talk about books together.
  6. …You’re aware of how many book stores are in your area and aware of all or most of them.
  7. …You can’t help enter a bookstore when you walk past one, even when you weren’t going to the shops for books in the first place.
  8. …If you were in a blindfold smell test of some sort, you’d recognise the smell of books straight away.
  9. …You always find time to read whether it’s during a lunch break, en route to somewhere (unless you’re driving of course), in the bathroom, or putting off sleep.
  10. …When you get together with another bookworm, either most of the conversation is related to books or you find some way to come back to the topic again and again.
  11. …You could easily spend several hours in a bookstore or library.
  12. …Books are the go to for people buying you birthday presents.
  13. …You name your pets (plants, gadgets, children, etc) after your favourite characters.
  14. …Even if you give books away or sell the older ones, somehow there are always plenty of books around (they’re rabbits, just like the bookmarks).
  15. …An ideal weekend does include reading.
  16. …The word book draws your eye, whether it’s on webpages, banners, advertisements, or even on something that has nothing to do with books (leaving you feeling disappointed if that’s the case).
  17. …You’d prefer not to stop reading while in the middle of a chapter, even if that means giving up sleep.
  18. …You find being interrupted in the middle of a chapter is irritating.
  19. …People know you for reading or always having a book nearby.
  20. …A generic question that you get asked frequently (such as how have you been) is ‘what are you reading?’ Even if you don’t have a book visibly near you.
  21. …You have one or more book bags, either from different stores or a library.
  22. …You start to feel a little panicky if you go too long with nothing to read.

8 thoughts on “Fun Fridays: You Know You’re A Bookworm When…

  1. ok Please tell me i’m not alone with if you start to get a series you must get all the books matching?( EX: they are all hard back or paperback, and they all have the same main design….)


  2. One of my friends always starts her conversations with me like this “So… What books did you buy today?”. // It’s a good list.


  3. I got most of them. Well… I started reading when I was 5, so i guess I am a bookworm. I hate it when people don’t give a book a chance. I hate it when people read 1-3 books and consider themselves bookworms. I have these “special books” that I feel are “mine” and I don’t share them or tell anyone what happens, because it’s so special and so important. My books look like brand new and I hate it when I lend them to someone and they kinda damage them. I’m so protective over my books and I think a room without books is like a home without windows. I just love reading so much, I get so attached to the characters and I feel them as my friends. I can go on writing about books for ages, so I’m just gonna stop here. 😀


  4. I identify with 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19 and 22. I don’t like stopping at the end of a chapter. I usually stop in the middle(weird, I know). And I don’t use bookmarks anymore. I just try to remember where I stopped. It’s fun.

    One oddity I’m guilty of is, if I see people reading a book in public, I try to catch a glimpse of the book’s title. Secretly, of course.

    And I wish everyone bought me books as gifts, but I’m picky about the ones I read. A friend once got me ‘The Skin Gods’ by Richard Montanari which is not my kind of book at all. Even the title sounds obscene. So I’ve come to want and dread book presents at the same time.

    Oh, as a bookworm, I love book lists!


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