Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Settings

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

This week’s top ten is Top Ten Settings In Books, the ones you loved reading about or ones you think would be perfect in a book.

I haven’t done a Top Ten since March! So I thought it was about time I did and this is a good one. I don’t know about settings that would be great in a book, but I can think of plenty of settings that already are.

  1. Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Of course that’s on the top of the list, Hogwarts is awesome! There’s so much detail to that building, there’s character and atmosphere from the building alone without adding the people, and so much happens there. Mind you, if Hogwarts was real, I don’t know if I’d visit it. I think it’s something to be appreciated from afar, what with all the deadly creatures, the unpleasant forest, and the lack of security (I know it’s meant to be high security, but come on, how many times does Harry almost die there? Is that really a safe place for kids? Is it?).
  2. The Magic Academy in Skin Hunger – Sure it’s a creepy place, but I love it for that reason. It’s described so well, the atmosphere leaps off the page, and that’s a main reason for me to like a setting. Of course that doesn’t mean I want to visit it, just like Hogwarts, but I can enjoy a setting without wanting to visit it.
  3. The Bookstore in Dash & Lily’s – It’s not really a surprise is it? I love how it’s described as a store boasting so, so many books, and making it sound like they’re everywhere. I have a few used book stores around my area like that and I love them. It’s funny because I don’t like books stacked on my floor all higgledy-piggledy, I prefer them all neat and in their place, but there’s something about a used store overrun with books.
  4. The Art Gallery in The Silence – I wasn’t a big fan of this graphic novel (now that I found it is the first in a trilogy, I might feel differently), but I really enjoyed the church-turned-art gallery on top of the hill. It’s not just the building itself, what it contains, or where it is located, but it plays a big role in influencing characters.
  5. The Basement in House – While the ending of this book pissed me off enough to never want to pick it up again, I still really enjoyed the descriptions of the basement in that house. It was dark, creepy, and so vivid that I can still picture it after all this time.
  6. Hell and The Hermits hutt in Tomorrow, When The War Began – I first read Tomorrow back in high school as part of an English assignment and then again once more before the movie came out, that’s more than a decade apart, and in all that time I still remembered Hell and The Hermit’s hut. Hell is a place of sanctuary for those kids and eventually a home, but I loved the Hermit’s hut even more because it added an element of mystery to it on top of the mystery that was always there. I don’t know, maybe that sounds too complicated, but the description of the Hermit’s hut always stayed with me.
  7. All of the Vampire Lestat’s story in The Vampire Lestat – I could pick and choose, but would end up with so many different settings that it would be whole book and I think that has a lot to do with Anne Rice’s use of words and descriptive power. Trying not to go into spoilers here – from his time in Paris, to descriptions of theatres, to looking for answers… There’s a lot of beautiful places in this book and some of them are partly why I wanted to visit certain countries.
  8. The Territories in The Talisman – There’s a lot of unpleasantness (there’s a theme to these choices aren’t there?) in the alter-world in The Talisman, but it helps add to the suspense of the story and I think that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed that setting so much. Straight away, just with the word ‘territories’, I can already bring up so many different images and there were some nice elements to that other world too. I loved the differences and the similarities between the alter-world and Earth, it was fun comparing and seeing the different manifestations of character.

Either I’m too exhausted to think anymore or I just can’t think of more. I’m going with a little of both so it’s 8 this time around and not 10! What are your favourite fictional settings? Don’t forget to leave me a link so we can all check it out.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Settings

  1. Yes, love the bookstore in Dash & Lily! Although I would dearly love something like that here, I think it’s probably best for my bank account that there isn’t! I could get in way too much trouble in a store like that.


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