Random Magic Tour: Pirates! The Parting Glass

Well, this is the end of the Random Magic Tour: Pirates! I’ll say some more words down below during the parting post, but first – for anyone who would like to still check out the posts from all the contributors now or in future, I’ve linked up as many of the posts as possible in the tour schedule to make it easier to find.

Today’s the wrap day for Random Magic Tour: Pirates! (May

As one of the mates – ahoy, matey! – sailing with this crew of buccaneers, would like to say thank you for visiting the blog on the 24th and hope you also enjoyed some of the other great blogs on the tour.

This is the first blog tour I have been involved with and even though I wasn’t involved with it as much as I would have liked (the usual health constraints), it’s been fun and quite an experience to learn from. I talked like a pirate for one whole day, that was exhausting, but fun for me at the same time and others got in on it as well.

There’s also a lot of other great posts from other bloggers on the tour, ones I recommend checking out, even with the tour coming to a close. There’s been so much effort put in to these posts with so much to learn and I would like to thank Sasha Soren for contacting me in the first place to join in. She’s put in so much effort, time, and, energy into this tour and she really is a lovely personality to interact with.

Anyway, I hope all those who followed along with the tour enjoyed it and good luck to those who entered into giveaways and joined the hunt!

For the wrap day of the tour, we’re just going to raise a final pint o’ grog to say thanks for the good company and may your days be filled with smooth seas ahead, good grub, solid comrades, romance and adventure. Yaaaargh.

As this particular traditional toasting song goes, good night and joy be to you all!

Message in a Bottle: visit Liana’s Paper Doll Blog today (if it’s not there, check back please – different time zone) to see the Pirate Queen Sasha and read more about her at Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf.

3 thoughts on “Random Magic Tour: Pirates! The Parting Glass

  1. These guys sound amazing all synced up with each other! It brings a shiver to my timbers! 😉

    Glad your first blog tour was enjoyable – the tour was really fun to check out!

    Happy reading!


  2. It’s been my first tour, too, and it has been great, although, just as you I couldn’t be as involved as I wanted (you now that nagging thing called time is the culprit:)). Cheers!


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