Random Magic Tour Pirates! Feature: Pirate Lairs Part III – New Providence

Part III of Pirate Lairs, first we had Tortuga, then Port Royal, and now we continue on with New Providence!

Feature: Pirate Lairs: Tortuga, Port Royal, New Providence and the
Brethren of the Coast by Sasha Soren

New Providence

New Providence island, in the Bahamas, became a pirate haven for reasons similar to the stories told above about Tortuga and Port Royal and under the same sorts of circumstances, so an entry from Wikipedia should suffice to get a general feel for what went on:

Because New Providence’s harbor was close to the Florida Strait, it became a nest for pirates preying on mainly Spanish shipping returning to Spain with gold, silver and other wealth. The apex of pirate activity there was from 1715 to 1725, after which the British government established a formal colony and military headquarters centered on the small city of Nassau fronting the harbor.

During the War of the Quadruple Alliance (RMT: more warring royals!), Nassau was attacked by a Spanish force, but was successfully defended by local militia. Most famous (or infamous) pirate residents: Anne Bonny and Jack ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham. You can read about Anne Bonny in the Pirate Queens series featured during Random Magic Tour: Pirates!.

Palm Tree, Nassau by Albert Bierstadt. Painted after 1877.

And there we are, a little peek into some historical pirate lairs and hideouts. Feel free to follow the tour, for more pirate stories, music, food and fun: Random Magic Tour: Pirates!

Win this!

Shown above: Dashing corsair puppet, part of the Rum + Plunder hunt, during Random Magic Tour: Pirates!

You might also enjoy the Rum + Plunder hunt during the tour — if you’d like to play to win a cute little corsair, do come right this way…

If you’d like to know more about Random Magic, you can watch the trailer right here. Yep, it has wicked and bloodthirsty pirates in it. And our heroine, Winnie. Winnie vs. a crew of bloodthirsty pirates? Yes. Here’s the thing though: Winnie scares us a lot more!:

Shown above: Book trailer, Random Magic

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*Disclaimer: All post information provided and sourced, put together, and written by Sasha Soren

Up next is a pirate game, look out for it within the next hour!

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