Random Magic Tour Pirates! By Land or Sea: Vintage Maps

Today is a pirate extravaganza, but only one day in many (check out the Random Magic Tour Pirates! Schedule) and because of this I will now be speaking in pirate… Be sure t’ arrow o’er th’ pictures fer extras. Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!

Ahoy, oh maps, whar would we be without ye? If ye ‘ave followed me tale fer awhile ‘n seen me comments about maps, you’ll prolly know that I do appreciate a map e’ery now and than. They’re not only a way t’ na’igate for a tra’eller, but also ser’e as a nice bonus in the beginnin’ o’ a book, and as a beautiful piece o’ art.

Maps ‘ave been around fer a long time, from rudimentary scribbles, t’ gorgeous complex patterns, t’ a technological aide, but wha’ be a big part o’ th’ mappin’ world? Wha’ be some o’ th’ thin’s one thinks about when it comes t’ th’ mentions o’ maps?

Arrr, today, in conjunction wit’ th’ Random Magic Tour Pirates! blog tour, Me wish t’ share a ‘isual array o’ ‘intage ‘n ‘intage lookin’ maps, both pirate related ‘n non-pirate related ’cause both can be ‘intage ‘n appreciated as art forms, e’en when, e’en when thar’s an X that marks th’ spot!

Aye, me parrot concurs.

They looked at the map. For a moment, neither of them said anything. Winnie was concentrating so intensely on the problem that she forgot to breathe. She studied the other possible routes left open to them, and finally let out a whoosh of air. ‘Henry,’ she announced, ‘we’ve got big problems.’

From Random Magic by Sasha Soren

Now me hearties, a loot map in real life ain’t like yer x marks th’ spot type o’ map, us pirates aren’t as simple as all that. Instead we used maps t’ navigate th’ high seas ‘n rarely drew up maps t’ found our loot. I shall still like t’ share wit’ ye a collection o’ maps, fictional pirate maps, navigational maps, ‘n vintage maps fer yer pleasure.

First, t’ wet yer whistle wit’, here’s some authentic lookin’ pirate maps;

Here’s th’ first real booty map in history ‘n some famous faces o’ scallywags who buried thar booty, but didn’ create maps;

Lastly, but nah least, here’s some vintage ‘n vintage lookin’ maps t’ navigate th’ high seas wit’;

I hope ye enjoyed th’ maps ‘n a wee extra, includin’ th’ pirate speak (it’s funny how talking like a pirate makes you think you’re a pirate…). Sometime this week I’ll be postin’ a review o’ Random Magic by Sasha Soren, but in th’ meantime don’t forget t’ check out th’ other tales that ‘ave participated in th’ Random Magic Tour Pirates! ‘n remember ye can win prizes ‘n join in a hunt!

If this is your first stop in these posts, make sure you check out Pirate Lairs – Tortuga, Port Royal, and New Providence – along with the pirate game Pirate Chains!

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All images are linked to their sources.

2 thoughts on “Random Magic Tour Pirates! By Land or Sea: Vintage Maps

  1. I love maps! I can literally stare at them and use them for decorations – although I am terrible with directions! 😀

    I am always amazed at how detailed they can be – especially the old ones that are hand-drawn. Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing 😀


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