Fun Fridays: Baby Got Book

I’ve been seeing I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie around on bags and buttons like these;

When I first saw it on the badge it amused me because I know the song it’s from and I even remember it being played a lot at clubs I went to when I was going through my clubbing phase and in all honesty I prefer the book version. I’m not just saying that because I love books either, I don’t mind the song even though the lyrics are crap because it’s fun to dance to, but there’s something about the idea of that song being transformed for book lovers and then I found this – Both Eyes has reworked the lyrics to fit in with books! I am impressed and highly recommend the read, especially if you know the song as well as I do.

If you have no idea what the song is or the lyrics here’s the video clip for you, but also a warning: The song is sexist and there is a lot of bum action in the clip because it’s all about big bums afterall

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back.

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