Giveaway: Win An ARC of Bandits by LM Preston!

EDIT: I’m running this giveaway for another day (well really two days) because I haven’t been able to get online to end it and announce the winner. So now it will end tomorrow at 8pm (Tuesday the 19th) AEST. Get in there quick before it ends!

I’m excited because it’s giveaway time! If you follow my blog and my little rambles you might remember me mentioning Bandits by L.M. Preston several times now, at least I feel like I’ve been talking about it quite a bit (here’s my review and here’s Preston’s guest post).

Well now you can win yourself your very own ARC, that’s right, your very own Advanced Readers Copy of Bandits to enjoy!

A little about Bandits if you have no idea what I’m on about and just want to get to the giveaway part – Bandits is an action packed young adult science fiction/fantasy novel set mostly on the planet Merwin.

It follows the adventure of Daniel and his friends after his father is murdered. Daniel not only has to find out who these people are, but is also in a race against time to prevent a world wide catastrophe.

Bandits has a little bit of romance, strong and interesting characters, a sense of humour, a diverse ecological setting, and plenty of action. For a full synopsis check out my review, but otherwise on to the giveaway!

The Important Questions I pretend to hear you asking;

  1. Is it international? You bet it is.
  2. Must I be a follower of Bookish Ardour? Not at all because I know how annoying that can be.
  3. How Long Does This Run For? From the time of this post to Sunday 8pm AEST. I will post at the end of it to let everyone know it’s closed and then the winner will be announced the following day (let me know if you don’t want your name shared).
  4. What Do I Have To Do? The following!

I’m not fancy in my giveaways, I don’t come up with crazy questions or expect you to do cartwheels because I just want to give my readers a chance to get a freebie, so it’s as easy as this;

I’m going to pull your name out of a hat. All you have to do to get your name in that hat is to fill out the form below, simple!

Make sure you fill out the form with a valid and current email address because I will be emailing you. If I can’t contact you, your prize will go to someone else.

To get your name in the hat more than once there are some things you can do;

  1. Tweet it on Twitter! – Only once counts & I need the link to count it.
  2. Blog It! – Link back & in your own words share it with your readers. Don’t forget to leave me the link so I can count it.
  3. Socialise – Not everyone has a twitter account or a blog, but if you are on a social network of some sort or are on a forum that has a public setting share it there too! I don’t endorse spamming, only share the competition if the site allows for it and then share the link with me.

Good luck everyone!

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