Writing on Wednesday: Submitting Your Work

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This Week’s Question: Submitting your work to any medium, such as a
newspaper or magazine, competition or ezine. Tell us about your submission
experiences and if you haven’t done it before, have you or would you
consider it?

My Answer – Most of the questions or discussion topics I post come about from my experiences or what I’m doing at the time and considering submitting to competitions and review sites is something I’ve been doing lately. They’re all coming out of the woodwork for me and, even though I have come across them before, it seems like it’s every other day that I come across a new one by complete accident. and I feel that’s because I am ready to submit some work, all my life has been a build up to being published.

I’ve gone from story telling (with some seriously out there, crazy, bullshit, stories, when I was a kid, that I tried to pass off as reality) to writing lengthy short stories, world building in my head and developing lots of characters to understanding subtext and the magic of story telling, researching and researching some more to understanding the work that goes behind the story telling and bringing it to life, and amongst everything else finally learning the difference between an author and a writer with all the work that entails.

The last time I physically submitted anything though was back in primary school to the school magazine and that was two stories, one about potatoes (oh yeah, you read right), and one about a trip to Hawaii. Neither of these were fiction, but I guess if I was one of those crazy story telling children who tried to pass off my fictional adventures as truth then non fiction stories would make sense.

I digress. My point is I’m sure I’ve come a long way from writing about potatoes (I’m sure they let that one in there just for a laugh because what kid writes about that?), but I’m still a little nervous about submitting work to something that makes it even more real and concrete. So I don’t have any experiences about actual submission and instead it’s more of the experience that a newbie submitter experiences than anything.

I won’t list what ones they are until after I’ve submitted to them because I feel I put enough pressure on myself without going public with it. Oh and I’m going to see if I can find the potato story and share it (so we can laugh together) with a comparison of a newer short story about a responsible monster which is really about fear of the unknown and unwillingness to understand.

I don’t think I really answered that question, but oh well! If you have an answer, experience to share, or just want to ramble on like I did, I’d love to see what you post.

Next Week's Question: Pantser or Plotter? Which one are you and have
you ever tried the other way?

To submit a question please email bookishardour@gmail.com with
WriWe in the subject title.

6 thoughts on “Writing on Wednesday: Submitting Your Work

  1. What an excellent response! I love that aspect of the potato story… You surely must have come a long way. And I am with you, that its sometimes nervous submitting a work esp. when it’s that first time. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers!


    • Thanks Geosi, I definitely don’t write about my food anymore and if I did it would probably be something dark or dark and humorous, like your food trying to eat you back. Definitely different.


  2. Love this question! I actually just had my first short story accepted for publication and it took me years to get to this point. Mostly because I have now learned to treat my writing seriously and dedicate hours to it each week and also because the more I write, that better my stories (or we can hope!). It definitely helped me to make a huge list of magazines and their criteria for submissions and then document each one I submit to. And it helps subscribing or buying those magazines to get a feel for what they look for – which every magazine tells you to do. It takes so much of your time, but it’s worth it if your goal is to be published. And when I feel defeated, I remember an article I read about a man in his sixties who finally got a short story published – it’s never too late to start and no matter how many times you are rejected, never give up!


    • Congratulations with your short story! That’s excellent! Now, where can I find it to read?

      It really is a journey to get to that point isn’t it? It can take awhile to realise just how much work it is, but what else can we do? If it’s something we really want, living and breathing it, as well as working hard is something that has to be done.

      That’s lovely about the man in his sixties. Hearing stories like that really do help to inspire and it’s a good one.

      Thanks for taking part and sharing your experience, it’s given me more food for thought when it comes to submissions and a clearer picture.


      • Thanks! It’s being published by New Plains Review. It’s a smaller publication, but I’m excited that it’s an actual print one so I can pass out to my family and friends. If you ever want my list of magazines and submission websites, I can email that to you! I don’t have every single one, but I have a good chunk of them to make the submission process go by faster!


        • I don’t blame you for being excited, if it’s a smaller one or a bigger one, it’s published! That is really great news. Hopefully this is the start of things to come 😀

          That would be awesome! I’ve been slowly making a list of some submission ones, but it’s been slow going. That list would seriously make my day! bookishardour @ gmail dot com, but I’m going to come over to your blog and let you know I replied as well.


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