Top Ten Tuesday: Lacking Recognition

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

This week’s top ten is Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition.

I like this week’s theme because there are so many great authors out there who don’t get a shoe in or aren’t as appreciated as the big, well known names. I like trying to find the authors that are indie or just starting out and I do prefer review requests with those authors as well. It’s hard to get to so many though, the author pool is so vast, that I think it can make a real difference if more readers check out those little known or new authors, as well as established ones.

Anyway, enough rambling! Here’s my list in no particular order;

  1. James Phelan – Ok, I’ve only read one of his books (Chasers), but it was pretty awesome and I haven’t seen him mentioned anywhere else. More people should mention him or at least just that book! So that’s what I’m doing. The whole reason why is all in that review and the book is the first in a trilogy.
  2. Scott Norton – I’ve read both his novella, HorrorCon, and his debut novel, sWitch. After awhile of reading fiction you start to notice something, maybe sooner if you’re sticking to one genre, but it’s something that is eventually very noticeable and it’s not just in novels. You’ll notice in movies and television as well, everything starts to get tired. I’m not saying that there still aren’t great works out there and the same routine or perspective can’t be used to tell a great story, but sometimes it’s nice to shake it up. Scott does that and that’s only one reason why I think he should be getting more recognition. The reviews can say the rest, but I thought I’d share my initial reason for why Scott Norton made it to the list.
  3. Tobsha Learner – Whenever I mention Tobsha Learner in conversation no one knows who I’m on about and I feel this should be rectified because the women is a great writer. Whatever she writes, she writes so well, and sometimes she writes something quirky (usually her short story collections) and that’s written really well too. She’s also diverse, not in genre sense, but in that she writes novels, short stories, and she’s a playwright. Writers who are diverse like that are such an inspiration to me and I believe that they should be recognised more because of it. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a genre, I think a lot of writers are more known because of that fact, but I also think it can take guts to branch out like that and not be pigeon-holed. I’m sure that’s a subject for a rambling post so I’ll leave it there. Just check her out sometime.
  4. Richard Matheson – This might seem an odd choice to some, but there are so many people out there who don’t even know who he is or like so much of the movies and books he has influenced without knowing he exists. Granted I’ve only read one of his books, I Am Legend, but I’m also aware of who and what he has influenced. It’s one of those things when you realise what and who, that you wonder why you never knew that.
  5. Laura Hillenbrand – If you know who she is you’re probably questioning that choice because her book Seabiscuit was adapted to film and she’s received awards, thereby receiving recognition for her work. Well it’s not enough for me! I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t even read her work except for her article A Sudden Illness and that story is why I believe she should be getting more recognition. I have the same illness so authors like Laura, and others that we don’t know about, are a great inspiration to me. There are several people who have been published writing about their own journey with ME/CFS, but I find it hard to come across authors who are writing something else while suffering from it. Doing anything when you have a neuro-immune disease like that is hard work. People who can do it and survive the consequences just amaze me.
  6. Ivana Hrubá – I’m not just including her in this list because she is a lovely person, but also because regardless of publishers not taking on  her work, she still goes ahead and gets published. Granted it’s self-published and a lot of people might have a problem with it (I don’t and I think any stigma with it is a load of shit, but that’s as far as I’m going with that one because it makes me so angry), but I appreciate people who make the effort and get their work out there because this is who they are. She also shows great character in her work, even though I’ve only read Cabbage, Strudel, and Trams so far, and I don’t mean just the characterisation, but personal character. I think you can get a good feel about someone by what they have written and character can shine through far more for some then others and I think Ivana is one of those character writers.
  7. Stan Rice – Anne Rice’s husband, but I knew of him as a poet, he unfortunately passed away several years ago. I love his work. Love it. I wish I could get every single piece in book format on my shelves, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think more people should know about poets like these, modern poets, who have a way with words that aren’t typical or rigid in use. That’s one reason why I want to mention…
  8. My friend Ben – he writes some great poetry and I get sad when I can’t read it anymore! I wish he could get published or at least print some work (if you read this, you so should Ben). Unfortunately for everyone else, you won’t be able to read it because he doesn’t have a website, but I still wanted to mention him.
  9. Manda Scott (I came back to add just one more) – she wrote a historical fiction series based around the life of Boudica. I love the story of Boudica and the history around that time, especially when I came across the first in the series, and I’ve been meaning to go back and re-read it because they’re those type of books that really stick in my mind – the details, the characters, the emotions – I haven’t been able to read her other books yet, but I would recommend those one to anyone who loves historical fiction and has even the slightest interest in that area.

I’m thinking I should leave the list there because I’ve been sitting in front of my bookcase for almost fifteen minutes and I’m not getting anywhere. This doesn’t mean there aren’t more, but today I just can’t think. It’s Tuesday here, but it’s kind of my Monday, and I think I have a good dose of Monday-itis. It also doesn’t help that I can’t remember what I’ve read that isn’t on the shelves… Oh thought of one! And then two, but that’s it. I’m calling it a day, well a morning, at least for me blogging.

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Lacking Recognition

    • I highly recommend I Am Legend when you get the chance Laura. It’s only a novella so a good book to slip in between larger reads, but it’s still quite a thought provoker. At least I found it was.

      Thanks for stopping by Laura.


  1. I have read Chasers and quite enjoyed it! Waiting for the second book to come out now. I only know of Hillenbrand through Sea Biscuit (I haven’t read or seen it but my husband has the book and says it’s brilliant) – I will have to track down some more of her work.


    • Awesome! Have you heard it’s coming out in June and that the next one is hopefully going to be out three months afterwards? If the ending is as superb in A2 as it was in A1 it will be fantastic if A3 comes out very soon after.

      She also brought out a novel titled Unbroken recently. She hasn’t written that much, I’d say it’s mainly because of her health seeing as it puts a damper on everything, but I’ve heard really good things about her newer book.

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Yes, I should probably nag him about it or something and maybe show him this post! I’m sure if anything like that ever happens one of the first things I’ll be doing is posting about it.

      Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks for stopping by Mary Ann.

      And in all honesty, I don’t like visiting you because I can never find your blog or post! Your name links up to a website, but I don’t see any blog. Where is it? I’d like to be able to visit you in turn and leave a comment.


    • I forgot about a lot of authors until this list subject. It’s so easy too when there are so many.

      It’s great too, to hear from someone else who is a fan of Richard Matheson. I’ll have to check out Brautigan as well now! Thanks for stopping by Benoit.


    • I know, the amount of authors and books out there is so large it’s really incomprehensible. It’s great though, but so many!

      Thanks for the visit Paula.


  2. The only author in this list that I’ve heard of is James Phelan, as I requested ‘Chasers’ a couple of months ago. I hope to read it soon, especially after you said it was awesome.
    I’ve written a few of these down, so I can check them out later!

    My List


    • This has made my day Amber! It’s great when you find a book or author you love and someone else hears about them. I really hope you enjoy it and if you want to talk about it when you’ve finished you know where to find me (I’m going to be looking out for a post about it though).

      Thanks for stopping by Amber.


  3. The thought of someone named Stan married to Anne Rices amuses me for some reason. A fun advertising gimmick might be to publish a collection of his poetry s under the name “staANNE RICE”


    • It always amused me too, any couple with rhyming names does. He had quite a few of his poems included in some of her books. At least I know her earlier books had them at chapter starts.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Great list!

    I know it’s crazy, but I haven’t read anything by Laura Hillenbrand…and until Unbroken, I didn’t know who she was! Thanks for reminding me that I need to add her books to my list!


    • No worries, that’s exactly why I love visiting people’s blogs, because there’s so many authors to learn about. I’m glad she’s written another book so more people can hear about her.

      Thanks for visiting Melissa.


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