Slowly Coming Back

by Sara Witty**

I believe it’s been just over two weeks since my last post and when I took a break from blogging. I mostly took a break from online too or at least my intention was until I started using my partner’s old iphone for Twitter and Facebook… I just can’t give up the internet! I think I need to go to something like internet’s anonymous, do they have something like that? It wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

And another question, who are they?

Since my two week break I haven’t done a great deal except for a bit of gaming (we got a new t.v. because the old one could take anywhere between half an hour and 8 hours to turn on after you pressed the button. I kid you not! And naturally I had to test the new telly out with the games didn’t I?), movie watching, and one book club meet up. We’ve also got a bit more of a full house and if I mentioned family and personal matters going on, well they’re kinda still there.

My health is still a little rickety at the moment, but I’m doing a bit better than I was in January and February. Enough so that I’ve been reading a bit more regularly rather than a book a month. I started so many books in that time, but just couldn’t read. I was too fatigued and kept wanting to fall asleep. That was unpleasant when that happened!

So basically I don’t feel up to posting a great deal, catching up with other blogs, and I’m having a terrible time keeping up with emails, but I have been able to read and I was able to type up opinions on those reads that I feel are good enough for reviews. I’m going to start scheduling posts for the coming week and spread those reviews out, start posting Writing on Wednesday once again, and I’m behind on challenge review summaries from my reading challenges blog so I think I’ll leave that till the end of this month and do another way of catching up with them – a post per challenge instead of per month.

I also haven’t forgotten that I was going to do a follow up post about eReaders and eReader friendly websites, but that might have to come a little later too.

So what has everyone else been up to in the last two weeks? Read any good books lately? Any duds? Had any interesting bookish related or non related experiences? Book fairs? Let me know if you feel like sharing and thanks for stopping by.

**Art by Sara Witty and used with permission. Please click on the image to visit the original post and check out Sara’s website.

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