Two Week Break?

I’m not going to beat around the bush, this week has been a pretty shit week for me health wise. I updated my About Dutchie page with a bit about that by the way.

Wednesday came around and I knew I had to post my Writing on Wednesday post. Usually I have them done about a week before and schedule them, but slowly I’ve been falling behind until last week’s one came around and I hadn’t even answered it yet. I still made the post though, but this week I just couldn’t get up to do it.

So yesterday I’m sitting there asking myself, ‘if I can barely get out of bed, what business do I have sitting at the computer and posting on a blog?’

And my answer was, ‘you don’t.’ Instead of forcing myself to make posts when I shouldn’t even be sitting up or typing in the first place, then feeling guilty (I have guilt issues) about not making posts I mentioned I would, I’m going to take about two weeks off from posting and really doing anything online at all. I’m just not up to it and figure that if I struggle to get up and get my own food, I should probably just leave it for awhile. That sounds like a good idea.

So I’m aiming for two weeks, even if I recover a lot before then, I’m still aiming for two weeks. I won’t be taking part in memes or doing Writing on Wednesday either, but hopefully I’ll get back to WriWe after the two week break.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and have a great two weeks.

EDIT: For Authors – I should say too, that if you’re an author and would like me to read and review your book, please feel free to contact me. I might have time away from my blog and the internet for the most part, but will still see my emails and am still reading. Contact Page.

2 thoughts on “Two Week Break?

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