Writing on Wednesday: Publishing in Digital vs Paper

Sorry this is a little later in the day. I’m not going to be posting an answer just yet, I’ll come back and fill it out later, but I thought rather than waiting for me to do a whole post I’d post the question for anyone who wants to answer it.

I’m also working out a schedule so I can check out blogs and answer comments. Yes, that’s right! A schedule for commenting! Crazy huh?

Writing on Wednesday is a weekly meme, created right here at Bookish Ardour and is for everyone to participate in. Every Wednesday I will post a new question for writers to answer on their own blogs or to answer in the comments. You can be aspiring, you can be published, or you can just write as a hobby.

All you have to do is link back to this post and leave a link to yours in the comments. Simple! Please remember to leave a proper comment, and not just an I was here one. Thanks!

This Week’s Question: The way people consume their entertainment has been changing rapidly and the writing industry hasn’t been left out; with the steady increase of the digital industry and popularity of ebooks how do you feel about publishing in a digital format compared to a paper format? Are you against it? Unsure of it? Ready to accept it? Have completely embraced it?

Next Week's Question: Do Your Characters ever surprise you?
And if not, do you wish they did?

To submit a question please email bookishardour@gmail.com with
WriWe in the subject title.

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