Writing on Wednesday: Writing and Reading + On Hold

Before we get into Writing on Wednesday I want to share something, or sort of something, that I’m finding very difficult to do so I’m just going to get it out there. Something unexpected and… (I’ve been trying to figure out the word to use all morning, nothing seems appropriate, but I’m not a fan of sharing details so I’m sorry it just has to be some word that doesn’t feel right) tragic has happened recently on the home front.

I’m not feeling any motivation to post, especially because it doesn’t feel like the priority at the moment, the people around me are so I’m concentrating on that. I will have WriWe because I’ve had it every week and I am reading again (wasn’t for about a month because of the crazy heat) so there will be other posts soon. In the meantime I’ve gone and created and updated an account on Tumblr because I’m in the mood for pictures. There is one for Bookish Ardour, but it’s just pictures and that sort of stuff. I also have a personal one for miscellaneous and spontaneous things called Cogs and Clogs for anyone who is interested.

That’s pretty much it, I’ll let you get back to WriWe, but before I do thank you to everyone who continues to stop by and I have left a temporary comments policy in the abouts page.

Writing on Wednesday is a weekly meme, created right here at Bookish Ardour and is for everyone to participate in. Every Wednesday I will post a new question for writers to answer on their own blogs or to answer in the comments. You can be aspiring, you can be published, or you can just write as a hobby.

All you have to do is link back to this post and leave a link to yours in the comments. Simple! Please remember to leave a proper comment, and not just an I was here one. Thanks!

This week’s question: Many writers read, but how are you at reading and writing at the same time? Do you find it possible or do you have a hard time writing while in the middle of a book?

My Answer – There was one point where I was able to read during the night and write during the day. This was also around the time where I was able to read three books at once and not get confused. but just like reading and writing, it didn’t last long.

I can’t write and read for the same reasons I can’t read more than one book at a time; for some reason my brain can’t handle multi tasking on different stories. I can barely handle it with graphic novels like I did last year with NaNoWriMo, but that’s probably because they’re so short and I finish them that night rather than having to keep the story in my head. I have so many stories in my head as it is, I can’t always deal with any more.

If I don’t concentrate on a story in between reading it, I feel that I will lose a lot of it (bad memory for you and I don’t just mean typical bad memory, but bad memory as in medical condition). I marvel at the people who can both read a book or books and still keep their story they are writing fresh in their head.

I’m sure there is a trick to it, but until I can get around the memory problem I’m sticking to reading and than writing than reading than writing; a perpetual juggling act, but such is life.

Next Week's Question: I was saving this for a post all of it's 
own, but it got me to wondering about what people think of 
writers (and if there are enough participants I might make a list 
of your answers). Writing Stereotypes; have you been subjected 
to them? What do you find are the most common you've been 
subjected to and what ones have you heard of?

To submit a question please email bookishardour@gmail.com with
WriWe in the subject title.

2 thoughts on “Writing on Wednesday: Writing and Reading + On Hold

  1. My thoughts are with you and I hope that things get better for you and the people you care about.

    This was a great question. I can read and write at the same time, that is no problem…the problem is how much time I have. When I read it actually inspires me to write, so that is a plus!


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