Hello Life

I thought I might start doing updates outside the books because eventually this blog won’t be just about books. This is me being optimistic rather than pragmatic – eventually I’m going to get published and with that will be creating a website (I already have designs and am doing research into it. When I make plans for something there’s always contingencies and questioning of the what ifs) and I’ll still have this blog, connected to it, but hopefully by that point the website will be up and I’ll also be blogging about life, writing, and about my books rather than just other writer’s books.

Updates will preferably be on a weekend, but it might not be every week. I’m not making any promises with this one or any solid commitments because even though I have regular posts, I’m not always up to posting, and don’t want to say yes this will be every week if I don’t have anything I feel like posting about (or can’t post).

The Life Update

Birthdays. Tis the season of birthdays. Well at least some of them for me anyway. First my Oma (she’s the Dutch one and I can’t believe she’s going to be 90 next year) and my Moeke’s birthday (my Mum who is also Dutch – I was born in Australia) were on the 15th and 21st, then Sarah’s on the 7th next month, one of my brother’s and then mine on the 12th. I’m also not including friends and other relatives in the list because that’s too much for my brain to handle.

After February birthdays we get a break for about a month and then we have several more in the family alone, but that’s all the way in April and we’re still only in January!

Oma's cake with candle

For Oma’s birthday we played scrabble and hung out with a cake except we didn’t have birthday candles so had to be creative…

With Mum’s birthday again we hung out, tried to play some Balderdash, but it was too hot, and had more cake. It was a Beesting cake and this time we remembered the candles!

In other news Sarah came home from her trip to Europe, she went on a 3 1/2 week trip, and brought home so many photos and I now have heaps of post cards and key rings (I’ll post photos at a later date). She’s a school teacher so she wasn’t back to work till last Friday so we had a week to spend with each other. That’s pretty much where I’ve been, trying to stay awake through the heat and catching up with Sarah.

The only other thing I can think of is I went to an Australia Day fair (last Wednesday the 26th) for the first time in about a decade. It was more of a family sort of fair with kids every where. They had a group called the Funky Monkey for the kids and an Abba tribute band for the adults. Yeah. Thanks.

Fluke, The Carny Puppy!

We didn’t go on any rides. I can’t stand rides and they didn’t really have much, but Sarah had a go at one of the carny games even though she had a great amount of cynicism and after sharing said cynicism she won a prize! A stuffed puppy with a big head that we have called Fluke.

We also ended up getting heaps of glow stuff. Glow bracelets, glow cups, and a glow hat. The kids stared at us like we were aliens. It was great and it was a good night.

Now that brings me to sitting here typing away!

The Writing Update

It’s back to writing on the 1st. I’m calculating that I’m about half way through my current novel so I’m aiming for the 30,000-35,000 word mark because of the humidity and there’s a lot going on in February life wise. That’s still a decent amount to type each day if I have a proper work week, but I don’t think I’ll finish it before March when National Novel Editing Month is on. I was tempted to try and write as much as possible, but still enter NaNoEdMo even if it wasn’t finished. I don’t want to get back into the habit of editing it as I go or before I finish though because that just keeps you from finishing it in a decent amount of time. I really want to break that pedantic habit.

I think I might update my About page and maybe post about the writing by itself and explain the book (not the actual plot, but the story surrounding the book) one of these days.

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