Writing On Wednesday: Quirks and Habits

Before I begin today’s WriWe post I thought I’d share an update. I said I was going to be off for about a week with hopes that my posts will resume back again from today. So far I’m feeling a bit better, but my body is still being pretty smacked around by this stupid humidity (sometimes humidity sucks like that). Sarah arrived back home too so I have been taking advantage of her holiday and spending loads of time with her. She goes back to work this Friday and then I plan on going back to writing on Monday health permitting.

I also haven’t been reading at all, but I’m starting to feel like it again (you know a bookworm has either overdone it or there is something wrong when they can’t even bring themselves to read!) so I’m hoping that even though posts won’t resume daily, I’ll be able to post with some regularity from next week.

And now Writing on Wednesday.

Writing on Wednesday is a weekly meme, created right here at Bookish Ardour and is for everyone to participate in. Every Wednesday I will post a new question for writers to answer on their own

blogs or to answer in the comments. You can be aspiring, you can be published, or you can just write as a hobby.

All you have to do is link back to this post and leave a link to yours in the comments. Simple! Please remember to leave a proper comment, and not just an I was here one. Thanks!

This Week’s Question: Quirks and Habits, are there any you’ve developed during your time writing or any special thing you do while writing?

My Answer – I’ve been wondering about this for awhile now because there’s those stereotypical views of what writers do while they’re writing and when they finish their current story, usually something eccentric that goes along with being a moody anti social drunk that smokes like a chimney. From my experience that’s a crock of something, but how much of it is stereotype?

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke anymore, and although I can be pretty aloof I still have a social circle.

I used to drink alcohol, but never during writing. However when I did smoke, I smoked a lot more when I was writing. Almost like a chimney. Now though I find I drink a lot when I’m writing, not alcohol of course, but water and tea or coffee (whatever is the hot beverage of the day). I drank so much tea in fact, during NaNoWriMo, that I made myself sick and haven’t been able to drink it since!

I think it might be a subconscious thing where I need to do something with my hands in between typing, when I’m thinking, and as a way to root myself in my present surroundings and not get completely lost up in the clouds because that takes ages to get back down from.

I also have a tendency to draw. I’ll draw maps, sketch whatever I’m describing at the time (such as the clothes the characters are wearing, their weapons, jewellery, and anything that is remotely significant which is why I’m considering making the current novel I’m working on an illustrated one because it’s like overzealous doodling).

That’s all that springs to mind and as for when I finish writing, so far it’s all short stories so I’m curious to see what I end up doing, but I have a feeling it won’t be anything glamorous and will just be something like me staring at people for days on end while I recover.

Do you have any quirks or habits you have developed or know of someone who has them?

Next Week: Do you read what you write?

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