Writing On Wednesday: Your Writing Tips

Writing on Wednesday is a weekly meme, created right here at Bookish Ardour and is for everyone to participate in. Every Wednesday I will post a new question for writers to answer on their own blogs or to answer in the comments. You can be aspiring, you can be published, or you can just write as a hobby.

All you have to do is link back to this post and leave a link to yours in the comments. Simple! Please remember to leave a proper comment, and not just an I was here one. Thanks!

This week’s question: Last week the question involved someone else’s writing tips, but are there any ones you have learnt in your writing travels that have helped you further along?

My Answer: Have I! I’ve learnt one big one after my dark fantasy debacle and that is, even when being a pantser (going by the seat of your pants instead of plotting), it’s best to make sure all your notes are organised in some way. I find that if I don’t, and they are all over the place even when I do organise them, I’ll lose track of what is going on and really confuse myself. Add on to that stress of finding things and I just can’t handle the chaos. This is why at the moment I’m loving my one notebook and my post it notes on my wall.

Another one I’ve learnt is it’s ok to not be a spectacular writer straight off because even those who you think may be marvellous probably had to work at it to a degree.

And that’s another one, hard work. Writing isn’t easy. I never thought it would be, but I think a lot of people don’t realise just how much work it takes to write a story and create something like that. Not just non-writers, but also writers.

Next Week: Quirks and Habits, are there any you’ve developed during your time writing or any special thing you do while writing?
To submit a question please email bookishardour@gmail.com with WriWe in the subject title.

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