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Which Book Changed Your Life?

I’ve seen this question around and even asked it a few times myself, but when I contemplate it I have a hard time considering an answer because I think saying a book is life changing is a huge claim. It must be one intense book to have such an impact on someone and sure I’ve read a lot of books, but I don’t think I consider one book only to be life changing.

What I think is every book in some way, shape, or form has the power to influence and inspire. To me all books, whether you find them enjoyable or disagreeable, can help alter or influence your perception, you can learn something from all books and even graphic novels. This is why I can never answer the question of which book has changed my life, because all books hold the power of change.

What would be your answer to this question? Is it possible a book can change your life? Link me up if you answer it on your blog or just answer in the comments.

10 thoughts on “BTT: Life Changing

  1. Which book changed your life?

    I would have to say the Harry Potter and Twilight series because they sparked so many conversations with people I know well and people I just met. It’s also fun talking with people about the different aspects between the books and the movies.


  2. Mark Vonnegut (son of Kurt Vonnegut Jr) wrote that all books are subversive because they tell the reader that things don’t have to be the way they are. I kind of like that.

    I tend to read a lot of nonfiction (science, history, philosophy), so my worldview has definitely been influenced by my reading. I did a list of ten


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