We Have A Winner!

Rather than keeping you all in suspense I thought I’d announce the winner today instead of tomorrow.

First off though, thank you everyone who participated and shared the love by letting others know. That was awesome. This is the first giveaway/comp on my blog and I hope to have one each year (I’m wondering if I should have one that ties in with my reading challenges as well, but that’s only a notion at the moment).

I had a little hiccup with it, but it’s all good, I think that was resolved (I’ll just leave that out in hopes that we’ll all forget how much of a goose I was…) and if this does become an annual thing then I’m hoping I have learnt from the experience!

Anyway, enough yapping on my part. Time to announce the winner.


She’s getting a book or books of her choice valued at $25 in total. Congratulations and enjoy!

I thought it might be a good idea to share just how I came up with the winner so everyone knows just how fair it is. I put everyone’s name in a hat, then asked my nephew to pick one out (I didn’t even tell him why, just went up to him and said “Pick one of these please.”). Next thing you know we had a winner!

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