Comic Review: The War of The Worlds

It’s 2005, and Earth is invaded by a seemingly unstoppable Martian army of tripods and flying machines.

As seen from the viewpoint of one American family, this is a story of human survival that will resonate with today’s readers, just as the original galvanized its audience more than a century ago

I must admit that by the time I started reading this I was a tad frustrated. I hadn’t been able to lose myself deeply in a novel for several weeks or more and it was getting to me. Plus I’m a H.G. Wells fan and one of my favourite stories is The War of The Worlds so at the beginning of this one I was already rolling my eyes at it. The first thing I found myself asking in a huff was, ‘Why does this have to be set in modern times, and why is the main character driving a sporty convertible. Why, oh why?’ Yes that’s what I asked myself. I really was not impressed when I came across that very early on, but I forced myself to keep reading even though that had turned me off. You never know when it could turn out differently to what you expect.

To be fair when it comes to the art work, I think I can be a bit spoilt when it comes to reading graphic novels. I never grew up or read a lot of comics, my main exposure has been artsy graphic novels and Heavy Metal magazines so the art is really plain and generic to me. It’s a typical black and white comic art rather than anything else, but in a way that is good because it leaves me to focus more on the story then on the art itself and getting lost. And yet there are some really cool artistic panels in there, mainly the ones that have action instead of dialogue and take up an entire page.

I don’t remember there being aircraft along with the alien pods in the original story and nor do I remember there being red weeds and poisonous gas, speaking of which; are white surgical masks going to save you from a poisonous cloud of gas?

Ok, I shouldn’t be too mean, I’m mostly taking my frustration out on a mediocre version of an awesome story, but it isn’t all bad. It is interesting to see a new twist of the story and how they tell it from yet another perspective, but I would really have liked the story to follow the original plot.

All I can really say is that the art is not completely typical art with a bit of artistic flair, it is well adapted to a more modern time, and it is a good novel for a quick little read.

  • Created By: Stephen Stern and Arne Starr
  • Genre: Science Fiction, War
  • Comic or Graphic: Graphic Novel
  • Published: 2005 by Best Sellers Illustrated
  • Adapted/Based: The War of The Worlds by H.G. Wells
  • Rating Out of Five: 3
  • Challenges: The Two Month Comic Challenge

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