Upcoming Giveaway News

This is a short and sweet post, just wanting to give everyone a heads up about the giveaway.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m going to be having a giveaway.  I just had one over the weekend on my Facebook page, but I was always planning to have one on here for around this time because it’s almost one year since I’ve had this blog. The date it started was the 29th, but being this time of year I figured a lot of people will be busy so the sooner the better.

I’m going to be having it later this week, from Thursday the 16th at 1oam – Sunday the 19th at 9pm. I will post an entry post an hour before it starts with all the extra details, and how to sign up, but for now the prize will be a book from The Book Depository valued at $25AUD. So basically you can go ahead and choose any book or books valued up to that amount if you win.

I’ll be posting an event on Facebook for it as well for anyone on there to keep the date handy.

I think that’s the shortest post I’ve had in awhile!

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