Giveaway – The First One!

A few posts ago I mentioned a giveaway. Well this is a giveaway, but not the giveaway.

It’s coming up to my blog’s 1st birthday and I want to share the love so for now this one is for Facebook and my fan page.

How It works?

If you’re on Facebook, all you have to do is share the fan page, comment to let me know (there will be another status update when it begins so comment on that), and your name goes in the raffle.

What’s In The Raffle?

When I draw a person’s name out of the hat (yes, there will be a hat) that person will be able to choose a book of their choice up to the amount of $15 (AUD) from The Book Depository (that’s the UK one, but if you’d prefer the American one please let me know). This also means that this giveaway is international!

When and How Long?

From 12pm AEST today (Friday) to Sunday 12pm AEST. I will post on the FB page at both times so everyone knows when it starts and ends.


Once again this is only for Facebook, but there will be another giveaway coming up on the blog itself so keep an eye out for it! It will be soon. And don’t forget to share this love around to all the book lovers out there so they have a chance to join in as well! Thanks guys and good luck!

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