BTT: Crappy

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Do you ever crave reading crappy books?

I think that really depends on what ‘crappy’ is in this case and what the reader considers to be crappy. I don’t really like the term crappy in application to books.

If it’s crappy as in badly written, as in bad sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, then no. I don’t ever crave reading books like that because they piss me off. It’s habitual for me to pay attention to all of that while reading, on top of the plot (I blame that on my writer gene), and it distracts me from the story. I don’t like being distracted from stories, I like my reading experience to go smoothly thanks to both writing and story working well together.

If it’s crappy as in plot? Hmm… Not really. I do crave something a bit more… lighter and more fun, less complicated, and maybe a little… I don’t know what word to use, because to me it might be trashy, but in the fiction world it isn’t. I don’t crave a crappy plot, I don’t crave a badly executed idea, but I do crave what I consider to be reading for pure unadulterated enjoyment. To me that’s paranormal romance and some urban fantasy. Not that they’re badly written, or crappy, some of them are written beautifully, but for me it’s different reading. It’s guilty pleasure reading.

When I’ve read for guilty pleasure and have unfortunately come across a crappy book, it’s still pissed me off, and thinking of one series in particular makes me realise I really do not crave crappy or appreciate crappy books. Like I said though, a lot of it depends on personal taste.

That was a long answer! What about you? Let me know if you’re taking part so I can check out your answer, or just answer in the comments if you want to.

13 thoughts on “BTT: Crappy

  1. I think crappy doesn’t always mean bad. bad book is one that is poorly written. Crappy can be cheesy. I think I’ll know a bad book when I read one, and might very well abort it for another (better) book. 🙂


  2. Crappy was too subjective of a term for me to think of a good answer … but I didn’t think of it in the terms of sentence structure grammar etc. because like you that would just piss me off … I kept thinking of it as in guilty pleasure type reading …


    • I was wondering when I was answering the question how many people might consider that sort of thing crappy. If that’s the sort of crappy, then sure plenty of people are going to have cravings for something like that or else it wouldn’t be a genre that does well at all.

      Thanks for stopping by MissMeliss 🙂


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