Top Ten Tuesday: Friends

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This weeks top ten is Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Be Best Friends With.

Best friends might be going a bit far for me (it also reminds me of high school so I don’t use the term) and so might close friends so I’m doing a list of just friends or close to close friends because I love characters, but it doesn’t mean I actually like a lot of the characters as people. I figured that out because I was making a list in my head while eating breakfast and I realised the characters I picked at first who came across as friend material had aspects of their characters that I knew would literally make me walk away from them. I’m not overly picky, I’ve just had a lot of bad people in my life and I know what pisses me off.

I also noticed that most of them are male and I think that’s because I rarely like any female characters or how they’re written. Can anyone recommend a good book with the main character being female and not having a love interest? I think I need to rectify that problem.

  1. Marius from Anne Rice’s Vampires – It’s pretty much because of all that knowledge he has up in that noggin of his, but he does have an artistic side and I like his sensibilities.
  2. Shane from Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series – I think this is an easy one, he is a smart arse, doesn’t back down too easily, and loves video games. I have a soft spot for certain gamers…
  3. Odd Thomas from Dean Koontz’s Odd series – Odd having to deal with dead people is exhausting, but at least you know that would help him be open minded. And I also just really enjoyed that character as I was reading him. The sense of humour, the insight, perception, and manners.
  4. Rojer from The Demon Trilogy by Peter V. Brett – I guess it would make more sense to pick Arlen and I love Arlen as a character, but I wouldn’t be friends with someone like that because even though I admire his determination, he has too much of a kamikaze attitude derived from emotional problems. That would be a disaster, but Rojer on the other hand… I’m a creative and artistic person, so is Rojer. Plus he isn’t a complete chicken, but he isn’t going to go on a suicide mission just because he isn’t happy or at least that’s my impression. He also relates to people well and he is sensible without being unoriginal in thought.
  5. Jesse from Alone by James Phelan – This is probably a bad reason to be friends with someone, but I just feel sorry for the poor little bugger, it would be a pity friendship. Although really it should be mentor or something because it’s creepy being friends with someone more than 10 years your junior when they’re still in high school.
  6. Sherlock Holmes from Arthur Conan Doyle’s series – I might be cheating a little with this one because I haven’t actually read the books, but I’ve seen movies and the television show and I love that character. He is so annoying and rude, but I’d be friends with him because he also cracks me up and I love surrounding myself with intelligent and eccentric people.
  7. Hermione from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – She probably should be higher on the list, but I just thought of her now when I was trying to think of female characters that appeal to me. It’d have to be older Hermione and not when she’s still a kid because again, creepy. What’s not be friends with? Knowledge lover, book lover, doesn’t take crap, has a sense of humour, and loyal.

I can’t think of any more. Wow, first TTT I haven’t been able to reach 10, that I remember. All I can think of now is characters that I would not be friends with and that’s a far longer list. I wonder if they’ll do that one.

Who would be your buddies from the fictional world? Let us know if you take part.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Friends

  1. I agree with you about female characters, there is usually something about them that niggles me. I figured it was probably because there was a characteristic of theirs I didn’t like that I recognised in myself and didn’t like, but I think it is partly due to the fact that girls are often used as devices to move the plot along-specifically in romantic fiction (I’m thinking of Bella in Twilight here) and I find it a little insulting.


    • Exactly! Even when it’s not a romantic genre they always seem to have a love interest and the plot needs it to move forward. I’ve noticed it also with classic fantasy and historical fiction. I guess one could argue that we all crave love so therefore love is so commonly written, but there’s always so many more male characters who aren’t focusing on it as their main or second priority focus in fiction so that argument is redundant.


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