Comic Review: Dracula

Before the dozens of night stalkers slain by Buffy, there was the first and the best: Dracula. And now everyone’s favorite bloodsucker is back, and captured in a thrillingly told, spine-tingling graphic novel.

Originally written by Bram Stoker in 1897, Dracula gave the world one of literature’s most compelling characters. Michael Mucci translates the tale and Ben Caldwell adds action-packed images—with meticulous attention paid to the finer details in each piece of art, from facial expressions to the historical accuracy of costuming, architecture, and heraldry.

For years I read and watched adaptations of Bram Stoker’s Dracula before I even read the book. Beforehand I did not have the original to compare to, but now that I do, I still find myself enjoying them and not being overly critical, if I am critical at all sometimes.

This adaptation I couldn’t help myself though because even though the amount of the original story used is far better than expected there’s still something to be desired. It isn’t so much what has been cut out from the original, but what has been left out between panels so the story doesn’t flow smoothly in places, leaving it to feel disjointed and even confusing at times. I know I have mentioned in previous reviews for comics that I can get easily confused, but after doing my comic reading challenge and nearing the end of it, I’ve learnt to appreciate the difference between my problem of following and a graphic novels’ lack of seamlessness.

Other than that it isn’t a badly done graphic novel. It is aimed at a younger audience and that would probably explain the art. There isn’t anything wrong with the art, in fact it is pretty good, but for me it is too cute. Not only for an old school horror story, but for Dracula. That doesn’t feel right to me and I also feel that the story, and any sinister aspects it may have had, wasn’t at it’s full impact because of it. But if the art is done the way it was to help lesson the horror of it then it has achieved what it was meant to do, which is cater to a younger audience with an intriguing story.

  • Genre: Horror, Supernatural
  • Comic or Graphic: Graphic Novel
  • Published: 2008 by Sterling Publishing
  • Adapted From: Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • Rating Out of Five: 3
  • Challenges: The Two Month Comic Challenge

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