Top Ten Tuesday: Criminals, Villains and Degenerates.

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This weeks top ten is Top Ten Criminals, Villains, and Degenerates.

At the risk of making me sound disturbed, I love degenerates in my books! I love reading them and I also love creating them for my own stories so I’m liking this topic so without further ado, we’ll see how many of these come from Anne Rice and Stephen King novels. Oh and before I forget there are some spoiler ones if you don’t want to read any (#3 – Contagious by Scott Sigler,

  1. Akasha from The Queen of The Damned by Anne Rice – Is that an obvious one? She is the first one that popped into my head. Oh well her and the guy from Servant of The Bones, but I can’t remember his name. In her quest for world domination she is completely bonkers.
  2. Cherubael from the Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett – I know he is a demon of sorts, but talk about a nasty persistent bastard. I really enjoyed the characters in that trilogy, including Cherubael and how he was described.
  3. Chelsea from Contagious by Scott Sigler – This one is a bit of a spoiler unfortunately, but how could this be a top ten without listing a psychotic child? Granted the child had help becoming psychotic, but still ended up being one hell of a crazy character.
  4. Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein – I realise this is probably not a character considered to be a criminal or villain, but I think he is a degenerate. How could someone not be when they rob graves for body parts in order to put them all together to form another body? If that is not depraved then I do not know what is.
  5. Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte – I recently read this one and I have to say Heathcliff is a piece of work. A tormented tormentor who needs help and is such a great character because of it.
  6. Drake Merwin from Gone by Michael Grant – I know this is a young adult series, but there’s a lot of little psychos in there and I think they’re well written. It makes it worse because of their ages as well, they’re young teens and I think Drake is one of the best. He is driven by fear and something very dark inside.
  7. Lasher from The Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice – Supernatural crazy bastard bent on having his own way and will do all sorts of disturbing things to get it. Then again I don’t know if they are disturbing things, maybe they just come across as such because it’s disturbing who is doing it.
  8. Morgan of Orris and Morgan Sloat in The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub – They’re the same, but different. One being the alternative ‘twinner’ from another dimension or parallel world. I think maybe they’re the worst kind, greedy and willing to do evil things because of it.
  9. The Dark Man or Randall Flagg in The Stand by Stephen King – He should be higher on my list being the devil incarnate and all, but this list is in no particular order really. As I said, devil incarnate, those are the only words you need really.
  10. The person who put him there (sorry I have forgotten the name and it has been ages since I read it) from Imp by Andrew Neiderman – It would probably be expected for me to actually name Imp, but the real degenerate in this story is the person who made him that way and locked him up. I really need to read that book again…

I honestly thought there would be more Stephen King ones! It’s my list and it still surprised me. So what would yours be?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Criminals, Villains and Degenerates.

  1. I’m with you on Frankenstein: Victor is a degenerate. He gives live to his monster and the takes no responsibility. He wanted to play God but not when things got messy.


  2. I also listed Victor Frankenstein… I mean he created a monster, and almost wanted you to feel bad for him because of it? Don’t think so. I couldn’t figure out who to single out from Wuthering Heights (I also recently read it), as they were all so despicable… so I left them off my list entirely.


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