Top Ten Tuesday: Tear Jerkers

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This weeks top ten is Top Ten Books That Made You Cry.

It’s probably easier to make me cry than to scare the shit out of me so I have quite a few. I’ll admit I’m a sensitive one sometimes! Nothing wrong with it, but I also suffer from emotional liability which makes it worse so there are books (movies, games, and everything else) out there that will make me cry even if they aren’t a tear jerker to anyone else. I’ll try and keep those ones out of the list though…

I’m also doing this list a bit differently to my usual ones with a description of the story as well for the fun of it.

  1. The Road by Cormac McCarthy – About a man and his son travelling through a post-apocalyptic America. I think I shed a few tears within the first five pages of that book. It’s so depressing that I never had a chance.
  2. Contagious by Scott Sigler – I don’t want to give away spoilers as this is the second book in the trilogy, it starts out as a story about an infection and is more of a mystery/suspense. This may be one of those ones that aren’t a tear jerker given what the content is, but the ending of that one…. I’m still all cut up over it. I’m going to hate reading it over (and loving it!) again for when the next one comes out.  My review for the first and this one.
  3. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – A time travelling love story (you can read my review here if you want, it comes with a synopsis). It’s well written and very compelling. So much so it’s understandable if it sucks you in and plays with your emotions, but one thing I love about it is that it’s not a sappy love story (I hate those).
  4. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling – As if you don’t know about Harry Potter… I can’t list just one book because at some time almost all of them have made me have a teary or at least shed a couple. The characters are so easy to relate to and are likeable, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it.
  5. V for Vendetta – Set in a totalitarian society, it follows one man’s bid for freedom, externally and internally (or that’s how I interpret it). I can’t help it with this one. The movie gets me just about each time and then the graphic novel got me too which did surprise me
  6. Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks – This one isn’t fiction, it’s non fiction and it’s about Law of Attraction and the lessons of Abraham. A bit out there for some and probably even me at a few points (even though I can be out there), but for some odd reason I had a teary over it. I don’t know why, I don’t know if I will again, but I did when I read it.
  7. Waterlemon by Ruth Ritchie – Another non fiction, a biography this time. It’s about a woman whose husband has a bad accident and ends up bedridden. It’s a sad story to begin with, but I didn’t have a teary till closer to the end when you find out why the book is called Waterlemon instead of Watermelon. I can’t remember what it is, but I don’t think it was actually a sad reason.
  8. Lightening by Dean Koontz – Two lives are connected via lightning strikes which sounds stupid, but it involves time travel or at least I think it did. Don’t take my word on that. The books I’ve listed so far are ones I have read in the last couple of years, but this one I read way back in my teens (that sentence makes me feel old). I barely remember the story and I hardly remember what happened to induce it, but I remember it made me so sad! And because I don’t really remember it I have no idea if that’s odd or not, but going by the synopsis I think it may be…
  9. Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King – The story that inspired the movie Shawshank Redemption, about a man who goes to prison. I’m cheating a little here because it is a short story (from the collection titled Different Season which has other great stories too, one being Apt Pupil, The Body (adapted to Stand By Me), and The Breathing Method which I never read. I can’t even remember why it made me teary because it’s been that long, but I recommend it to everyone to read.
  10. The Host by Stephenie Meyer – Always living in the Twilight Saga’s shadow unfortunately, it’s about alien invasion of not only Earth, but humanity. I thought I’d put one embarrassing book in the list and this one embarrasses me. I was going through a paranormal romance, light chick reads sort of phase. This one was surprisingly well written, though provoking, and teary.

That list was harder than I expected. What would yours be, if you have any?

P.S. NaNoWriMo Update: After much panic before it started because I did not have an idea, I have been typing like crazy and feel now that I actually have enough of a story to write a proper novel.

Monday started out slowly, but ended up being pretty good with just under 3,000 words typed. Yesterday though… I had been so easily distracted and as a result giving into procrastination temptation. Still at the last leg of it (I’m pacing myself and giving myself a time limit every day) I forced myself to actually pay attention and now my total is just over 5,000 words which puts me ahead of schedule! Happy days! You can follow my progress here, but keep in mind the site is going on and off line due to it being pretty busy. Anyone else taking part?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Tear Jerkers

    • I befriended you awhile ago 😉

      How are you going with it now? I can’t remember if you mentioned having an idea beforehand, I think you didn’t, is that right? Did you end up coming up with something?
      I’ve been doing nothing except typing every day and then taking time to rest my overwhelmed brain, but it seems to be working which is great because I do not work well with deadlines.

      It’s much more fun then I thought it would be. I love how they put together those videos for us to watch. They’re a funny bunch. Do you ever watch them?


  1. The Road was so powerful and harsh. I don’t know that it made me cry, but it was close. Totally agree with the Harry Potter books too…sometimes I have wanted to strangle JK Rowling. I read the Shawshank Redemption…it was the movie that really made me cry and upset.

    I’m participating in Nano too. I’m like a day behind on word count b/c I couldn’t decide which plot to do.


    • I just posted a reply to your other comment full of NaNo-ness.

      I love it when authors give you that reaction though, when you want to have a go at them for making you emotional or sucking you in. I think they’re great authors and it’s nicer then wanting to have a go at them for pissing you off in a negative way.

      You read Shawshank? Wow, usually either people have no idea what I’m on about or don’t even realise there was a story first! That’s awesome someone else has read it too.


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