Top Ten Tuesday: Scariest Books

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How could I not take part in this one?! I’ve been reading scary books all my adolescent – adult reading life so I must have some scary books to share. A lot of of these are from when I was younger, but for the most part I only found a couple truly scary and the rest with elements of disturbing. It is hard for me to find a scary book or something truly disturbing even when someone says that’s what it is.

  1. The Dark by James Herbert – There really aren’t very many books that scare the crap out of me, but The Dark was definitely one of them. It is the only book I had to stop reading just because of the scare factor. I haven’t attempted to read it again, but it’s on reserve for when I want something freaky to read.
  2. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty – I read this book so much that the front cover has fallen off. It was old to begin with, but it’s pretty much… had it now.
  3. The Bad Place by Dean Koontz – There’s some really f*cked up content in that book when you think of it.
  4. Pet Sematary by Stephen King – I vaguely remember it, but every time I think about it I do get a creeped out feeling.
  5. House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti – I thought this book was excellent with a nice touch of scariness right up to the end when it seriously disappointed me. Such a shame. It had so much potential. I watched Hostel not long ago and thought of this book.
  6. The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub – I first read this one back in my teens and although not all of it scared me there are elements of it that unnerved me. I still absolutely loved it though.
  7. Someone’s Watching by Andrew Neiderman – Another one I read till the cover had it back in the days when I used to only read 50 or so books. The same books.
  8. The Shining by Stephen King – Yes another King book… Finishing this list is hard.
  9. Christine by Stephen King – What’s not scary about a murdering car?
  10. Dreamcatcher by Stephen King – Perhaps I shouldn’t have read just Stephen King when I was at my most susceptible to scariness? I really loved that book too.

So what would be your top ten scariest picks or there abouts? If you’re taking part link me up so I can check out your list!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Scariest Books

  1. Read a lot of the same ones…I agree about The Bad Place…it was odd, still stays with me to this day. Loved, loved, loved The Talisman. I also liked the second book (can’t remember the title offhand). Read most of the King ones…my #1 scary book is Pet Sematary (yipes…and awesome). I’ll check out the other ones you mentioned that I didn’t read.


    • Black House! I really enjoyed that too. I think some of his Dark Tower series has gone into that as well, it has the same feel.

      There’s a movie adaptation of Pet Sematary (not surprising there), have you seen it? That was creepy when I first watched it, but I haven’t seen in it in years.


  2. I don’t really have a top ten, as I don’t particularly read horror (mostly dark fantasy, too light to be classed as horror). I can tell you some books that effected me when I read them: The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin (I was 9, and it was a bit scary for a 9 year old – the actual concept still freaks me out. I refuse to watch the Nicole Kidman movie as it looks to be a comedy?), Christine by Stephen King, Night Shift by Steven King (it wasn’t so much scary as thrilling, I really like Jerusalem’s Lot), etc. I get more scared reading real life accounts. I read one about a slasher as a teen. I had to stop reading it. Dexter seems like a bloody teddy bear in comparison! Doubly scary because it was a true story about a reporter who got close to the serial killer and had a relationship with him. The way she rationalised his behaviour when she was happy with the relationship? That was more monsterous than the actual killer!


    • I haven’t read Stepford Wives (would love too though), but I have seen the movie. I love that movie. You think it might be a comedy, but it’s more a black comedy in parts and still pretty creepy. I know people who can’t even watch it again because it freaks them out too much. I’d recommend it or better yet let me re-watch it (because I feel like it!) and I’ll let you know just how much comedy is in there. Maybe I should read the book too…

      Have you seen the movie of Christine?

      What a weirdo, but there’s those types of people who get sucked in by psychopaths. There was this documentary about a psychopath because he hadn’t committed anything yet and the woman who was with him put up with all his nasty bullshit. I find those things freaky too which is why I can’t read them because they freak me out, but what was the name of the one you read? Do you remember? I’m curious…


      • That book put me off the true to life fiction! Especially the violent stuff. I am happy to read fiction, but not stuff based on fact. I can tell you that it had a red cover with a scary pair of scissors on the front. And she was chasing the story and got lured in. It was interesting because he was very aloof, and she could tell when he was going to kill or something. I can’t remember. I was about 11 at the time. It was the sort of book I had to hide from my mum. It was the sort of book that was utterly repellent but you had to keep reading.. Kind of like the bathroom scene in Carrie. Oh, that was another one that gave me bad moments. Not because it was scary, but because it was too true to life. God kids are sick mean little fucks!

        I haven’t seen the Christine movie. I have seen a fair few Stephen Kind adaptations, but they tend to be badly done, so I mostly watch them late at night on TV when there is nothing else to do. I grossed everyone out at a party when I was at uni by laughing my guts out at one of them. I have such a weird sense of humour… Also, the party was boring and I was trying to ignore a creepy guy sitting with me on the couch.

        I wouldn’t mind reading the Stepford Wives again. Oh, black comedy? Okay, I guess that could work. Although there isn’t much funny about the women being replaced by automons… bloody men.. it was so scary… lots of suspense. But I think it was made scarier by the concepts that it invoked. I guess it was a precursor for dystopian fiction for me in that sense. But instead of starting after everything had changed and the world had gone to pot, it started right at the beginning and at a grass roots level. The possibilities for that, that reaching for the “perfect woman”… well, it still freaks me out. I wonder how much it would affect me as an adult? Maybe, one day when either of us has spoons for a movie sesh, we should watch that? But I know spoons are an issue for you right now 🙂


        • It must have been pretty full on if it’s had that affect on you. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it or see if I can figure out what it is (thank you internet). It sounds really interesting.

          I remember that bathroom scene. I remember it really well because that’s a book I re-read so many times and then watched the movie. That was a pretty unpleasant scene and quite memorable. Far out that was a good story though… Now I feel like reading it again…

          I love Stephen King adaptations! Even though they aren’t true to the story, they’re still entertaining. I just don’t like it when Stephen King actually shows up in them. That bugs me a bit. They’re kind of cheesy rather than scary, but sometimes still have that creepy aspect (depending on the story though).

          Sounds like a plan! I’d love to do that. And it’s not so much the spoons that is a problem, although that is a big chunk of it, it’s just there’s so much going on it’s not funny. I have something to do every week and I’m not well enough to do those things and then some. I’m pretty much booked all the way till Christmas and maybe after. That’s how much I have on…. It wouldn’t be the case if I had limitless energy of course, I’d be able to do most of those things in a month! Spacing shit out is starting to piss me off. Anyway, enough bitching! I should just be happy I can do all these things and I am. I’m pretty happy.

          Anyway. Stepford Wives. Yes, lets do that sometime. Maybe closer to Christmas? Sarah has met Billie and Mieke now together so I might have a free weekend witin the next two months, but I have to check.


  3. I clearly need to starting reading Stephen King! I always mean to but never do. I seem to end up watching the movies and they have me shaking in my boots. Ooh..and the Exorcist…freaks the HELL out of me! Well..the movie did so I’m sure the book would. It’s that subject matter that kills me.


    • As usual the books are better than the movies! I would recommend starting with his earlier books than his later (I haven’t read much of his later though, but the earlier ones left quite an impression on me).

      If you ever read the Exorcist you might not want to read it at night if the movie freaks you out that much, but better yet maybe you should check out the sequel and then the third one because they border on comedic. That might help make it less creepy.


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