So Many Book Clubs

I began being a member of no book clubs and struggling to find any. All of a sudden I’m a member of two. Some might think I’m mad for that, but I can read pretty fast when I want to (and sometimes when I’m not meaning to). The first one I joined as something for my sister and I to do and then my mum wanted to be a part of it, but unfortunately she and my sister can’t be available at the same time so I went and found another one.

They both fall in the same week and that is what I’ve been doing for the most part in the last week. Reading books and going to book clubs. Perhaps my one could be enough, but I like going to the other one (it was the first meeting we went to this week) because apart from these two I have never been to a book club. I haven’t been able to see one in action as a member rather than an organiser and it’s interesting to see how another one works. Especially as I get most of my information from the internet when I research instead of first hand experience.

The book choices are also slightly different between the two. My one so far has had American Literature, Classic Literature, Urban Fantasy, and the tastes range, but at the same time there’s more chance of there being a choice other than general and classics.

The crossroads one has what I call store fiction and classic literature. I think of store fiction as the possibly well stocked, readily available general fiction you find in a mainstream book store which is fine by me. I really don’t mind reading that on occasion and the next book will be Wuthering Heights which I actually have on my reading list.

There’s also a difference in dynamic, but at the same time the groups are fundamentally the same. The age ranges in one group are on the younger side (younger being 20’s and 30’s, not adolescence) and in the other it is a much more mature age. Sure there is a difference in what is talked about at times because of that age gap, but mostly it is the same. I love it because it is as if discussion amongst bookworms is universal no matter what the age group or life experience.

At first book clubs was a bit odd for me, even though I wanted to get together with other book worms, because for starters I’m not used to talking in large groups and I’m also not used to hearing so many different opinions on the one novel. Usually it’s a get together with a friend and for the most part we agree on certain aspects of the stories we have been reading. With the book clubs though there are so many different perspectives and interpretations that it leaves me flabbergasted at how many different ones there can be.

I’ve also bought another bookcase, a desk, and a chair in the last week. Believe it or not I have never had a desk. I’m a deskless writer, but not anymore! I didn’t even have one when I was a student. I was quite happy using the floor, the dining table, or whatever else I leaned on. I did borrow the card table for a bit there and still remember staying up late at night to write, not to do homework (where on Earth did I do my homework?).

There was a period of time when I could not write (first writer’s block and then illness), but I have been writing intermittently over the last few years. I have a breakfast tray to sit the lap top on and I use that, but after awhile the back starts to hate me (it also makes me feel old. Am I sounding old?) so a desk has been a bit of a priority. It took awhile because I have space problems and had to find one that was just the right size and I found one which is quite small, but will do the job. I’ll take a picture of it when I get it all together. If I remember.

Anyway, enough rambling! Back to resting and reading some more.

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