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When you travel, how many books do you bring with you?
Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?

I really don’t get to travel and when I do go somewhere I know there really isn’t much chance of me being able to read, but I do like to try to take at least one book with me.

The last place I went was a 3 hour train trip down the coast, but I was with someone who you just don’t read with. Before that it was a camping week up north and all I remember reading was a magazine at one point. Back in those days I was more content to actually go explore or stare at trees when I went outside. Otherwise I haven’t been overseas since I was 9 (was way too excitable to read then) and have not been on a really long trip in years. When I was younger we’d have holidays in other states, but a lot of the time we’d drive there and I get motion sickness if I read while in a car.

Haha long answer to a simple question yet again! I’m on a role (this has become my goal).

What do you do when you travel?

4 thoughts on “BTT: Travel

    • I finally have the spare spoons to reply, yayness! And I’m heading over to yours now too.

      Ha I wondered that as well! I wasn’t going to do this one, but I couldn’t be bothered posting something else so went with it. That doesn’t surprise me unless it’s long term camping. If people are going to go camping surely they’re going to get away and be with nature right? Or at least exploring. It’s not really a holiday to get away from it all and just relax and laze about really. Or maybe that’s just me.


      • LOL I spent three days flat on my back in bed before I had the spoons to do this sort of thing.

        Oh, I do take books with me when I camp. I mostly read them of a night. It is a “before bed” thing, or when I am very bored with my companions around the camp fire LOL

        I totally agree. I find it hilarious when people go “camping” but have to bring all their mod cons with them. I know a family that had a little septic toilet on a trailer they wouldn’t leave home without! o_O The mother was a complete and utter yuppie and they had to have real beds etc when they went camping. She also wouldn’t let the boys do boy things when camping. We used to all go, and the boys used to have to sit there watching us have all the fun and climbing all over everything and getting into mischief. Yeah, I have a lot of contempt for people who go camping and then get shitty that it isn’t like being in a nice house in town. Civilising it defeats the purpose.


        • Awww your poor camping buddies, so boring they’ve driven you to read. I know I’d do the same thing lol

          You’re kidding me? Why on Earth did they even bother going? What a bunch of funny buggers. The whole point of going bush is to go bush, not just move your house. I feel so sorry for those poor kids not being able to let loose and really experience camping. Imagine having a mother like that urgh.


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