BTT: Jumping The Shark

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If you read series, do you ever find a series “jumping the shark?” How do you feel about that? And, do you keep reading anyway?

I have read quite a lot of series, especially in the last few years, and I find that for the most part they stay on track quite a bit. There are of course ones that don’t and they’re so frustrating.

I usually try to stick it out because I have invested so much time into reading them and following the story, which I feel if I give up after a certain amount of books then it was a complete waste. I do not like complete wastes when it comes to reading. Not when I invest so much of my time and emotion into them, when I could have been reading something I either will enjoy or really learn something from.

Then again, if it really pisses me of I have to stop. What is the point to keep going if it just angers you, or frustrates you, or if you are getting nothing out of it? There are books out there that are not necessarily for enjoyment, but for their message and what you can learn from the reading: I will read those books, but that does not always mean that some series follow the same line.

The two that spring to mind are the House of Night series by P.C. Cast, which really wasn’t brilliant to begin with, but it had so much potential. At some point, it started to diverge away from focusing on the story line and instead focusing more on the stupid character’s love life. If you want to write a romance then write one, don’t suck us in with the promise of a great story only to turn it into mush. Oh so disappointing.

And the other one happens to be one of my favourites by one of my favourite authors. The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice albeit it only lost it’s mojo to a smaller degree towards the end of it for me rather then going off the rails completely. It may have been the extra novels following the other vampires that did it, but it has been quite awhile so I’m not 100% sure when it happened.

Have you experienced this and if so what is your reaction to it? Let me know if you take part in BTT this week.

6 thoughts on “BTT: Jumping The Shark

  1. I’ve been thinking about reading Anne Rice for a while now, but then I read tht Twilight books immediately followed by The Historian and had my fill of vampires. I would suspect Rice’s work is a bit more mature (compared to twilight), I might have to put that one my to read list….


    • Yes it is far more mature then Twilight. I recommend it though if you ever feel like vampires that are more mature. It’s more about humanity though rather then being a horror story or even a love story. I always recommend starting with The Vampire Lestat rather than Interview which is the first one because that’s how I started it and I don’t think I would have read further on if I read Interview first. Then again you might like Interview enough, just if you don’t keep in mind it gets better. Much, much better.

      Thanks for stopping by Sara


    • The Mayfair Witches was pretty good. I read them inbetween the Vampire Chronicles when waiting for the rest to come out. Have you read any of her other books? She has quite a few.


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