Comic Challenge Reminder

I thought I’d post a reminder for anyone who missed it and who either wants to join in or just keep track. I guess it’s also a warning that if you’re a follower of

this blog you should be prepared to be bombarded with posts about comics

because starting this Friday the Two Month Comic Challenge that I’m hosting over at BA Reading Challenges begins.

If you want to join in it’s as easy as signing up. You don’t have to review them, you can change your level at any time, you can also start a bit later (it runs from the 1st of October to the 30th of November), and you don’t even need a blog to participate. You can always just leave a comment (I also use Intense Debate for comments because Blogspots comment forms can be a bit finicky which you don’t have to sign up for to use and you can subscribe via that as well. I actually have a very strong dislike for Blogspot’s comment form and know that other people try to avoid it as well).

The Challenge Levels

  1. Pow! – Choose 5 comics to read
  2. Zoink! – Choose 10 comics to read
  3. Kerplunk! – Choose 15 comics to read
  4. Ka-Boom! – Choose 25 comics to read
  5. Holy Smokes! – Choose 35 comics to read
  6. Pow! – Choose 50 comics to read
  7. Bam! – Choose 75 comics to read

For non mix and match

  1. Graphics – Choose 40 graphic novels only to read
  2. Comics – Choose 40 comics only to read

Of course you can do either graphic novels or comics for any level. This is all really a prelude for the one I’m hosting for next year which I’ll also be taking part in. I’m doing Kerplunk! because I think 15 comics for me is reasonable with my other reading (that’s right I’ll still be reading novels for other things like my book clubs and another challenge so it won’t be all comics all the time).

I’ll add what ones I’ve read to this post as I go and of course in my reading journal if anyone wants to keep up with it.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get down to the library to get me some comics!

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