In My Mailbox: Oh Little Pretties and Here’s A Tip

I finally got Lies by Michael Grant in the mail during the week (and it has blue pages! So awesome). This is one of the books I have been patiently waiting for and have finally received more then a week after it became available.

This is the tip part.

When there’s books you really want to read and which you decide to pre-order, pre-order them locally, don’t pre-order them online from another country just because it saves on postage. The reason I recommend that is because if you’re really hanging for a book, you know it’s available, and you have spent money on it already, you get a little tormented when you see it around in stores… Yes, I’m not doing that again. And yet if I hadn’t of done that I would not have gotten the great hard cover I got of Lies… hmm…

I received the other books in the mail before Lies, but decided to post them all together as three of them were in the same order. Plus I got another groovy bookmark. Mockingjay I have already read (and I read before I got my own copy by borrowing my mum’s) so there’s no forthcoming review for that one, but the others I will be posting reviews for. The Gone series by Michael Grant I’m currently reading, The Little Stranger is a book club read, and Clockwork Angel is one I’ve been hanging for since the author announced she was writing it. So yes, reviews will be posted at some point.

What have you gotten in the mail lately?

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