Fun Fridays: Buying and Borrowing Questions

Questions for everyone to answer if you feel like procrastinating at some point, but a few updates first.

  • I have updated the About BA page to About Dutchie so it’s more personal (also because I would forget to update the other one regularly)
  • I’ve also put the old polls into an archives page which everyone can still vote on anyway
  • I have created new polls! And if you have a poll question you’d like to see let me know and I’ll include it.
  • I’ve also changed around the book club/reading guide page and divided that into two because my book club is full, but if anyone is still looking for one (in the Sutherland Shire, N.S.W) email me because there’s another one being put together.

How much time can you end up spending in a bookstore or library? If I had more energy I’d be in there for hours! A good half an hour to an hour on a well day is possible though. And if it’s the book store I leave that one after that amount of time and go to the other one…. Sometimes

Do you have a system when visiting a bookstore/library? Yes. If I’m going into A&R I check out the shelf with newly released ones first, then I make a beeline for the Fantasy/Sci-Fi shelf (because the arses don’t have a horror section) before heading on over to the Classics section  and then after that I’ll either go to the counter or wonder around if I feel like seeing something else.

I usually just follow my instinct or whatever I’m feeling at the time when I do that and when I’m browsing the shelves I usually skim them first before actually looking. If it’s the other book store though – Unleash – I’ll make a beeline straight to the classic section, then to the Fantasy/Sci Fi section because you can see the newly released books before you even enter the store. I won’t go wondering around in there either.

As for the library, it’s pretty rare I wonder around in there. Usually I do all my browsing online and then get it put on hold so I can pick it up and leave again.

What book do you like to give as a gift? I don’t have a specific book I gift. I actually don’t gift books that much. Majority of people I know aren’t obsessed with books like I am and I can think of plenty of other things to get them. Unlike me on the other hand who has apparently become hard to buy for. I don’t know when that happened… I guess books are just easier and I love them so that always helps, but there’s never a specific book to get everyone anyway.

Do you judge books by their cover? I try not to, but I can’t help myself. I’m an art person. If it looks trashy I usually steer clear.

Have you bought books based on their cover? Not bought, but I have checked them out because of their covers. It’s one of my methods of buying. If I’m browsing a store the image can pull me in and then I’ll read about the book.

Where do you usually buy your books? Angus and Robertson, but occasionally I’ll buy them from Unleash, Galaxy, The Book Depository or Ebay. Galaxy does some more obscure books, but even my tastes are too obscure for them sometimes so I have to rely on Ebay (I hate Amazon) or somewhere else online if I get desperate (Kazohinia is a good example of that, no one bloody has it).

Do you prefer brand new or second hand or does it not matter? Brand new because I prefer them in excellent condition, but I will give second hand a chance. I’ve acquired quite a few used books in the last few years and sometimes there really isn’t that much wear and tear. The only problem I have with second hand is when people write in them. If I could meet those people and slap them with that book I would and I’m a pacifist.

Online Vs Offline, which do you think is better? I think both of them have their merits. I am an old school buyer though and really do love to browse book stores, but being mostly housebound online can be far more convenient and there are times when the store can’t even order in certain books I want.

Do you borrow books? Occasionally or when I’m in the mood. I’ll go through phases where I will not buy, but will only borrow. Those are usually my library phases, because I don’t go out of my way to ask people for things except for my mum and now Sarah.

If yes, what was the last book that you borrowed? Tomorrow When The War Began and the following one which I have borrowed from Sarah

Do you let others borrow your books? Hmm… Books to me are something that you treasure. They’re a treasure in themselves and letting someone borrow something takes a lot of trust. I don’t trust very easily so apart from my Mum who appreciates books and knows where I’m coming from with them, it’s a very rare event when I let someone even touch my books. I usually have to put people through ‘tests’ without them knowing and a lot of people don’t pass them. I know I probably sound nuts, but stories and imagination are my life, so fucking with books is an unfathomable act. Basically if I let someone borrow my books it’s because I feel like they may understand this. Yeah I’m pretty sure I sound nuts…

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