Booking Through Thursday – Disaster!

I know it’s Friday, but I only just found this meme and I’m only a day late! I had a post all lined up, but I felt like doing something different so here’s a meme. If you want to participate hop on over to the BTT blog by clicking the banner.

Question: You’ve just dropped your favourite, out-of-print book into a bathtub, ruining it completely … What do you do now?

Apart from completely freaking out?  What I usually do when something happens where an object I love gets mangled, or damaged, I have a moment of complete and utter shock where I just stare at it.

Yes I’d stare at it first.

This usually feels like it lasts about an hour, but I’m pretty sure it’s under a minute before I’d dive in and rescue it which would then be followed by a full blown freak out. I don’t think I’d cry so much as swear my head off and become very shrill as I’d be on the verge of hysteria.

I know this is how I’d react because it’s happened to my writing notes before and I just flipped out. I’d get quite angry with myself and then probably a little sullen.

After I got past that point I’d hunt down another copy and wouldn’t give up till I found it, even if it meant looking for a year. I figure somewhere out there, there has to be another copy, right? Right?!

Luckily that would never happen as I don’t read in the bath. Phew!

3 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Disaster!

  1. I did that once. Luckly it was just a favourite book, not the favourite book. Okay, it was more of a splash, but it means I broke that habit. It helps that my new bathtub is for midgets. If I ever do read in a tub, it will be cheap second hand copies that don’t matter personally. They can be my travelling well-read copies that everyone sees and thinks I am an amazing person because I obviously read and reread that book. I better make it one that is enjoyable, but still admirable to other people so I look smart *snickers* Who am I kidding, it will probably involve a werewolf or someone with a large knife.

    I can totally picture the look of disbelief on your face if that happened. Infact I cracked up laughing. At work. And had to explain why. (I lied).

    Dammit, I like this meme. I have too many already… I may do it anyway, as it is involves more writing and choosing a teaser to post on Tuesdays LOL


    • I bet you still had a little freak out though huh? It’s so scary when a book gets wet! Poor little bookie wookies.

      Haha you know you could probably find dust jackets with different covers if you don’t want people to know you’re reading something paranormal. Or you could make dust jackets (I was thinking of making some out of velvet)!

      I’m happy to have made you laugh. What did you tell them?

      The hoster says it doesn’t have to be answered on Thursday so you could do it any day. I keep going to do some memes (including some of the ones you’re doing) but then realise I have a scheduled post for that day. It’s either that or I come across one and don’t like the question…


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