In My Mailbox and Peter V. Brett Signing

Peter V. Brett is one of my favourite authors and he is coming to Australia. During his visit in Oz he’ll be signing books so I decided to buy a book just for him to sign.

I was hoping against hope that I’d be able to get a copy of The Great Bazaar and Other Stories because like an idiot I didn’t pre-order it before it was available (I also would just love that cover as a poster). It’s still possible to get copies, but there’s no way I’m getting it at the price I’ve found it. I was very tempted though, but it’s just too much.

I have an ARC of The Painted Man and a trade paperback of The Desert Spear. I was unsure if I wanted him to sign my Painted Man copy or should I get a new one. I have a few signed books and they’re all in mint condition so I thought I should keep that trend up. I went to go find a hardback of The Painted Man – not happening – then I thought why not get a copy of the U.S. one (The Warded Man)? I’m starting to think maybe I should have done that now because I ended up getting a small paperback of The Painted Man and I don’t really like it. I could get a hard back of The Desert Spear, but I don’t really see the point of that when I already have The Desert Spear (it’s different with The Painted Man because one is an ARC and one isn’t). I also can only get a Hardback, with enough time to spare to post it to my friend (because unfortunately I can’t get there, oh the glories of being housebound and yay for having a friend who is a Galaxy addict!), for $45. Do I want to spend $45? I think I might…

I got my copy from The Book Depository and they sent me a cute little book mark with it. Thanks BD!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the art work, but I really don’t like that colour. It doesn’t look that bad in a photograph, but it’s more on the orange side. Kind of an orange that makes me feel a little ill… Here’s my other copy with it.

And here’s a close view of the bookmark if you want to check that one out. I think it may be my very new favourite.

Now if you’ve made it to the bottom here and are waiting patiently for the details on the Peter V. Brett signing then thanks for being so patient and here they are.

Where: Galaxy Bookstore
143 York Street, Sydney
When: Wednesday, September 8 at 5:30pm

And if you’d like to see what else he has planned via his travels check out his post on Peephole In My Skull.

4 thoughts on “In My Mailbox and Peter V. Brett Signing

  1. Oh, they are totally free. They get put in a book every time you buy! They also have dragons and vampire fangs, but I prefer the robots. I will grab you a few. Haha my addiction never left! I got Jennifer Fallon to autograph one of hers πŸ™‚ She was lovely.

    No, they used to, they don’t currently have hardcovers at Galaxy. Yeah, I will buy your paperback if you get a hardcover in time πŸ™‚ And if that happens, you can read it first so you can see if there is any differences – I am curious too!

    I like Zja…. It is fun. But it means no-one knows me as Jacq in that ever growing circle of friends, so it can get pretty confusing sometimes. I answer to both now. A year of this and it has become second nature.


    • Oh those kinds! I wish A&R would give away free funky ones. There’s so many pretty ones out there (BD has 20 collectible ones designed by customers). I want them all! lol is that being greedy? I was just thinking one for someone else because they’re robot mad, but I also like the robot one too.
      That’s an excellent idea – getting an author to sign a bookmark…. Hmm…. When was she there? If she’s there again can you let me know? I like her

      That kind of sucks, but I’ve noticed that in stores here too that they don’t always have many hardbacks or any. Don’t worry about buying it, you can just have it. It didn’t even cost that much. Oh I just remembered that Mockingjay is out today! Or at least it says so online…

      Yeah it’s a cool nickname, but you can have different nicknames in your circle, nothing wrong with it. I think it’s cool when you have different ones, it mixes it up a bit and shows some creativity. I used to have several nicknames for me going around at the same time.


  2. I really really wish you could come chica 😦 I am quite happy to represent both of us, but I know you are a fan, so I wish you could meet him too. It is a shame about the covers! I am not sure what I am doing yet. I am getting the ARC signed (now I will have to get a reading copy) because it is a bit more specsh than a normal copy, but I also want to get a hardcover of The Desert Spear – but hey, $45! I don’t know, I may just get a new paperback?!

    He tweeted at me yesterday πŸ™‚

    Do you want a galaxy bookmark? They look like this… I am so in love with them! This is just the illustration part:

    (I can’t be bothered logging out of wordpress to sign in with my username. You remember everyone seems to call me Zja now right? LOL)


    • Yeah me too, but I’m just excited he is in the country and at least some people (namely you) get to see him. And if you can get a signature for me I’d be ever so grateful for that because it’s better then nothing.

      If I can get the hard cover in time do you want my new copy of The Painted Man? I think most of them are that colour now unfortunately, but it’s still a spare reading copy and I don’t see the point in keeping it when I have the ARC to read (although it would be interesting to see the difference).

      They don’t have hardbacks at Galaxy? I got mine from Dymocks because it was the quickest one, every other one is 10-12 working days and Book Depository takes up to two weeks.

      I know! πŸ˜€ That’s exciting. I left you a reply about it on FB (just catching up with everything now).

      Oh my zeus! I think I love it! How much is it? Could I get you to get two copies? I’d transfer you the dosh for it, no worries. My addiction for groovy bookmarks is coming back 😦

      lol yeah I remember Zja Zja πŸ˜‰


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