Do You Love Your Library?

Do you love your local library? What’s not to love? There’s free books to read, that lovely old book smell, it’s quiet (that makes me so happy), they even have e-reads in some libraries now, comic books, dvds, and all sorts of things going on.

There’s a reason why I have some library love today. I usually always love the library because it’s a library. It’s a house of books. Houses of books are the best buildings around (I’m not bias) and lately I’ve been trying to find an established venue that doesn’t cost a fortune and is convenient for the book club. I was going to go with a council hall which is far cheaper then I was expecting and there is nothing wrong with them, but there’s something about them that doesn’t have a bookish feel. It might just be the absence of books…

So this morning I wake up, check my emails, and lo and behold; an email from a coordinator with the library letting me know about booking a room with them. How excellent is that? I know I could have rung them earlier, but I knew there was already a book club there (in fact there are 3 which are all full so it’s a good thing I started one anyway. I recommend checking your local library for any clubs though,who knows what you’ll find there) so my logic is that the library already had one, they didn’t need another one. I was so wrong!

I’m quite chuffed now. We’ve got a room up until December (could have gone further, but I wasn’t sure about January with holidays and all) which is in a house of books! Oh bookish atmosphere, how I love you. And this is all because someone with the library went out of their way to tell me about it. Isn’t that lovely?

Tell us about your library, does it have functions? Do you use it and how often? What do you use it for? What do you love about your library?

If you’d like to participate in the Book Lovers Book Club at Sutherland Library please leave a comment (so I can email you back) or email at bookloversbookclub at for more information.

Sutherland Library website and blog for more about the Library.

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