Peer Award

I was nominated for a peer award from Obsidiantears83 @ Book Bites. Isn’t she sweet as?

To accept this award I’m meant to list ten of my favourite things and then nominate 10 blogs. The latter might be a bit hard because I’m a blogger, but I’m rarely a blog reader… So I’ve decided to start this post, and see if over time I can come up with 10 blogs. Yeah, lets see how that goes!

  1. Books! Hahaha… Not obvious.
  2. Writing – I’m a writer from way back.  A really sporadic writer, but a writer nonetheless.
  3. Mass Effect and God of War – I’ve listed both games because they’re both my favourite at the moment (GoW always will be).
  4. The Cello – I love string instruments. The Guqin is coming up pretty close to the Cello lately though.
  5. Fringe – That show has two Aussie actors and fills the hole The X Files has left behind.
  6. Gas Masks – Is that surprising? Apart from being awesome I love dystopia and survival horror topics and genres which usually have gas masks connected to them somewhere. Plus gas masks in certain movies and stories can add to the atmosphere. They don’t usually instil safety in people, but fear. I love Gas Masks (that probably all sounds twisted of me, but I’m a twisted individual).
  7. Steampunk/Victoriana – I like Victoriana or at least elements of it, but I love it when it’s Victoriana Steampunk.
  8. Arachnids and insects – Mainly when I say arachnids I mean spiders, but I do find the rest of the Arachnida family intriguing (like scorpions and daddy longlegs). I’ve loved both arachnids and insects since I was a kid and was set to become an entomologist, but things happen sometimes.
  9. Asian Culture, preferably Japanese – At least some aspects of it such as philosophy, lifestyles, the wildlife, the language, and martial arts. I’ve always wanted to get into Ninjutsu and not because it’s cool, but I love the discipline and spirituality of it.
  10. Vampires – I don’t like admitting to that anymore because of this whole lovie dovie vampire craze that’s in at the moment. I don’t like those sorts of romantic vampires who are really just boys trying to be all bad arse, but who really come across as pussies. I love the old school ones and I’ve been into vampires in stories and the general myth of them since I was a kid (I also like the whole supernatural mythology in general, but vampires were always my favourite).

When I’ll have blogs to nominate I’ll post them here and notify them. If only I had more time to read around on the net and keep up with other blogs, I’d probably use that time for other things.

If you have any suggestions for really good blogs on writing and books that I could read sporadically let me know.

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