Old School Thursdays: 300

This is a post from 2009 about 300 the graphic novel which I was really looking forward to reading. I love the whole Spartan culture because it’s fascinating, I love the movie 300, and I love the idea of an artistic take on the Battle of Thermopylae. I also wasn’t expecting spectacular or true to story because I know the graphic novel is inspired by the film 300 Spartans and not the actual battle itself. Even so I was pretty pissed off as well as relieved not to have bought it. I may be a bit harsh in some parts… It’s best just to laugh at it like I do.

Have you bought any books you wish you hadn’t of or are there any books you glad you escaped purchasing?

It’s taken me 26 years to start paying any attention to graphic novels. I’ve now read three this year which is the most I’ve ever read and I was looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of 300 by Frank Miller. Mainly because of the movie. I love the movie and I wanted to see where it came from.

A month ago I reserve a copy at the library.
A few days ago I receive notification that it’s available.
This afternoon I pick it up.
I bring it home.
I read it
I finish it.
I am not impressed with it.

There’s some books out there you shouldn’t spend so much as a few cents on. Kafka is a good example (even though I’ve only read The Castle so far, but still that book is painful). I don’t like guns, but I’d shoot one of Kafka’s books. With relish. Mostly because I don’t like playing with fire.

As with books the same goes with some graphic novels. I am so glad I borrowed 300 from the library and didn’t spend a cent on it. One of my local book stores is selling it for $50. To me it’s pretty obvious that they are on crack.

The thing is, it’s not terrible. I enjoyed the art far more then say V for Vendetta and the story was alright, but the art was not worth 50 dollars. Sometimes it looked like a 5 year old drew it.

I do not buy books just to read them. I also buy them to collect them. I will occasionally buy certain novels as art pieces. In fact I plan on buying every piece of Luis Royo I can get my hands on because to me they are art pieces, but I don’t spend $50 on Luis Royo and I love Luis Royo. The art of Luis Royo is 1000 times better then the artwork of 300. 300 is not good enough for me to be a collectors piece so $50 is a bit of a joke and really I don’t see what’s so crash hot about 300.

I’m a bit annoyed, can you tell? I’m annoyed because I spent all that time waiting for it, looking forward to it and it was measly, but at least I didn’t buy it and I don’t despise it like I do with Kafka.

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